Tuesday, 1 October 2013

SpringRain is Back

Hi everyone, Springrain here!

I am so, so sorry I've been away for so long! I only meant to took a short break but then I got whisked off somewhere and things have been so busy! I finally got my driver's license in the time I was away, though, so that's one good thing.

Anyway, I feel terrible for being absent so long. I never meant to stop doing this Creatures blog or to drop off the face of the Creatures Community. All my Norns for this blog are still saved on my hard drive, safe and sound and my plans are all still there. I still have all Jessica's creatures and all my worlds and games and downloads. I fully intend to come back and keep posting. I know it's nearly the end of another year and my last posts were in November so I can't and don't blame anyone if they've forgotten about me or lost interest.

But I just wanted to post and apologize for my slackness and to let people know I still love and care about the games and the Creatures Community very much.

Please look forward to more of my creatures stories and posts. I'll be adding them over the next couple of weeks...oh, and don't be afraid to drop me a line. I'm more than happy to chat to people. I'll be poking into Creatures Caves soon to catch up with everything I've missed over there too. :)



  1. Hey, good to hear from you again. People are constantly dropping in and out and their absence can be measured in anything from hours to years. I haven't written a blog post myeslf in I don't know how long! But it's always good to hear that community members are still around. Good to have you back :)

    1. Oh man, sorry! Maybe I should have said SpringRain is TRYING to come back. >///> I meant to, and I still have hopes to...everything else sort of just got in the way though and I got snowed under. I'll get back on here eventually and keep going with my little Norn experiment. :) I just got waylaid. Yeah, I am still around, just in other corners of the net, it would seem. But I haven't forgotten about Creatures either. <3