Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Destroying My Concept, One Bit At A Time


Everything went pear shaped. I am going to document it. This is going to be one messy post. XD I hope you...enjoy? Honestly, at this point, I don't really know whether to laugh or cry. Probably a bit of both. I'm not writing in story-telling style for this but I will attempt to resume that mode when this debacle is sorted out.

To begin with, things were going along nicely. I hadn't changed the chances of multiples yet, so Norns were only having one baby at a time. This is the second child of Neige and White, the team in the Jungle Terrarium. She didn't have a name yet because I was a busy Hand.

Busy adjusting the CAOS settings to allow multiples, that is. They were a crucial part of my challenge idea, though I'd forgotten to set it up beforehand. Whoops!
Once I fiddled around a bit with the settings, the higher chance of multiples seemed to be working  it's magic, (sort of). Angel had two eggs that she soon laid, while Powder only had one.
Powder's egg resided in the peaceful caverns of the aquatic terrarium, next to a very peculiar food source and an even stranger toy.

No sooner had Angel's adorable twins hatched, giving me cause to think up new names, than I remembered Neige and White's baby, who certainly needed a name first.
Yet before that could happen, the couple surprised me with another pregnancy on top of the egg waiting to hatch that I hadn't taken pictures of yet. Their first child ended up being called Selena.
Selena was accompanied in the Jungle shortly after by her new sisters, Pietra and Methis. Sadly, Methis died not long after she hatched, hiding in the tall grasses. I suspect bacteria was the cause, though I hadn't been able to figure out how to get rid of it. Everytime I sprayed it, they came back just as fast. They're really strong too.
In the meantime, White was sleeping off an illness. She coughed and sneezed a little but appeared to be slowly recovering so I let her be, quite confident that she would pull through since she was eating well and resting.

Angel and Blizzard had another egg on the way and I wondered if we were maybe having too many eggs too quickly. It was getting a little crazy trying to keep up with them all. (Although each egg and each Norn is appreciated, it's just easier to document when things are slower and more organised). Who was I kidding with that though? These are Norns.

Another egg popped up in the desert, confirming my concerns. Eggs were popping up everywhere.
Doing a quick recap of which Norns I had where, and trying to tally how many males and females were present, I went through each room carefully. In the Aquatic Terrarium were Seth and his little sister, Sierra. I realised soon that I would have to seperate them to make them do the selection test I had planned, unless I wanted more eggs.

In the Norn Terrarium were Betty and Clara (the twins) as well as Cinda, a shy little creature who had spent her whole life hiding up near the door to the Grendel Terrarium, making me wonder whether she needed to eat or sleep at all.

Cinda remains out of view, visible only by her leaf mark and nametag. Unless she was eating seeds and critters up there somehow, it was a mystery how she had survived so long. I meant to check on her, I was just so busy!

Silk, the first daughter of the four girls born to Angel and Blizzard, was with her Mum in the garden area. She was growing up to be a very sweet tempered creature.

In the Desert Terrarium, I had a couple of new boys. Tarse was a little brother to Rathe.

Pure was the desert queen in this room, mother to Tarse and Rathe.

And Selena and Pietra were still hanging out together in the jungle grass with their pet rocklice. I think Selena is sleeping here. My notes don't say that she died.

Pure gave me another egg to add to the population, welcomed into a little house by a very friendly Uglee.

 I had moved the egg to a lower level so the baby could be with its siblings when it hatched. Out crawled a tiny female, whom I was trying to think of a good name for.

Unfortunately, something distracted me from this and I went to investigate another death icon to find it was her brother, Tarse, who had departed to the realms of the Silicon Heaven. The cause of death was unknown. He ate well and had no symptoms of illness.

A peek into the hoverdoc was no more enlightening. His eldest brother and father stared at each other in shock, pondering what could have happened. I noted a small amount of pain and some other things that make me wonder if it had been by slapping. But I've never seen any of these Norns slap each other like that. It was perhaps one of the toxins or bacteria that are difficult to detect.

Thinking I had better get my Norns together to pass through the selection test before any more of them died or I had more eggs, I gathered up the females born to each Queen and Tom pair for each of the four rooms and placed them in the starting area, where they quickly scattered all around looking for food and fun. A stoperplant prevented any from wandering into the hallway just yet.

The hall, such as it was, posed no actual dangers or distractions apart from Norns wanting to go back to where they started, so I added in sleeping potions, a scary ghost, a frightening skeleton and a sludge gun and some alcohol. None of these things could hurt them unless they played with the sludge gun too much and the sludge hit them. The idea was to un-hide all the doors and let the Norns wander past all the dangers and into a room where they would have a new home with food and friends. It...didn't work out as I planned.

All the females were ready at the starting line! The stoperplant was un-stopppered, and Silk was off, leading in front! It looked promising, despite the trouble I'd had rounding them all up and keeping them at the starting line.

They began to fan out, some trying to wander back to where they started, which had some food and a few toys. This could have been where I went wrong. If I removed all food and toys, they may have been more inclined to seek out a room through one of the round doors along the hallway. However, this area was meant to be for the Norns who didn't pass the test to live out the remainder of their lives in peace.

They started to mill around in the hall and I thought "this is it!". However, all that happened was milling...wandering, and trying to get back to where they started from. I began to get anxious.

At last! One of the Norns had passed the test and ended up in the desert terrarium! Silk had found herself a new home. When I wasn't looking, she became a parent with Rathe as the father, further adding to the bedlam.

Blanc, in all the fuss of trying to get the females to stop running into the stoperplant and walk down the hallway to choose a door, went and floated away into the other realms without warning. What was going on?!

I was not too surprised to follow a death icon and find the victim in the jungle, although I was saddened. The bacteria are much too strong, yet I need to find a way to remove them permanently. Maybe they were spreading around the Ark?

With many Norns dying whilst I was still trying to supervise my females, who were now running amok, I made a split decision to change the plan and use a tried and true method I'd read about from other players. I shifted all my remaining girls to the Docking Station Workshop and made the corridor the new 'challenge' area, along with the potions, ghost and so on. Unfortunately, that didn't work either, because my Norns started dying. I lost Sierra...

I lost Selena, which was a real shame because she was a tough cookie who managed to survive all the way to adulthood in a place as uninhabitable as the Grendel Jungle. The rest of the females made it safely to the Norn Meso where they could eat and relax in safety.

That awful expeirence over with, I then tried the test with the boys. There were less of these, since we had more females born to each Queen and Tom than we did males. Thinking the test would surely be easier with fewer Norns, I placed them in the workshop area. Seth, the firstborn from the aquatic terrarium, took the lift straight up and headed out of there to the Norn Meso. Meanwhile, Likz and Rathe, both boys from the desert, lingered in the lower area and became obsessed with buttons or complained.

Seth trudged along to the Norn Meso with lackluster spirit, imitating the daad corpse's solemn shuffle. He felt as glum about this whole disastrous experiment as I did. Eventually, I grabbed the remaining Norns and shifted them all back to their respective rooms. I removed the stoperplants that seperated males and females and tried to come up with a way to get my original idea to work.

Maybe if I remove the food and toys from the starting area at one end of the bridge in the Ark and place all the food and toys at the end of it where the splicer is, that would be a better test. Any Norns who make it to the end where the splicer area is can live in one of each terrarium. The ones who don't can live at the splicer area which has been set up with food, toys and elevines already.
I don't know if I can say 'it's worth a shot' with such a heavy loss of life and mangling of my concept...
I do want to try and see if I can get the kinks worked out of it though. If it worked correctly, I have a feeling it would be a really fun new way to play Creatures!


Friday, 5 October 2012

Team Angels

With my concept revealing holes in it's fabric and one of my creatures fallen to bacteria, this has been quite the bumpy start to my C3/DS challenge. I also forgot to set things up so my Norns could have multiple births. That will definitely be fixed in the next post! It was rather embarrassing that it took me so long to realise. <o///o>
Once the Bengals des Neiges grew to adult stage, I made each into a team by placing little crowns over their heads. I then let all the females go through the selection test to see which room they'd end up in, locking off a room once someone had entered, ending up with one male and one female in each terrarium. These became the first pairs of Queen and Tom for each Terrarium. I'm explaining it here because I forgot to take pictures. Sorry! I'm going to try harder. At least now you know what's going on. I'm a bad blog poster... x.x (EDITED due to SpringRain making mistakes).
I thought I made the males do the test too, but looking at the pictures proved my faulty memory on this occasion. Looks like the boys got it easy, this round. That will change, too, for the next generation. Forgive me, this is the first time I've tried out this concept. There's gonna be more mistakes. Ahaha... =^_^;=
Powder paused in her morning foraging to glance up at the white glow above her head. A tri-pointed crown had popped out of nowhere! She had a sneaky suspicion that pink hand had something to do with this. Her ears went back. She wondered what it was up to. "Eat seed," Powder declared forcefully, making it clear she was going to eat her breakfast before any 'games' could begin.
Blanc gave a weary sigh and simply rolled his eyes as a crown materialised in the air above his wild white spikes. There was nothing he could do about it, so he may as well wear the thing. At least it matched his fur. He was a reluctant Tom, still, his paws had grown used to the golden sands and he'd long since figured out how to thrive in this environment. A map of the location of each bush and which foods they bore was etched into his mind. These days, he simply ignored the weakening pangs of homesickness and got on with things.
Blizzard was still having a blast running into the Stoperplant, especially since he'd persuaded Pure to join in the bizzarre activity. They ran towards the plant, only to be flung back with peals of laughter and meows, rolling on the grassy floor and getting leaves and flowers in their fur. 
Pure liked the way the funny tentacles felt, like some sort of rubbery hairbrush. They were having so much fun, neither of them paid any heed to the vibrant green crowns that blipped into the air above their heads. Who cared what that silly Hand was up to?

What should he do? What should he do, now...when Miss 'Snow' was gone? Neige stared into the thick jungle enshrouding him, unaware of the gift of a symbolic royal purple crown. He was alone...totally alone. The whirring of the mosquitoes and the biting gnats had been bearable before but now that she was gone, who was he going to talk to and play with? Neige was sure he'd end up going crazy in this place without another Norn. He couldn't think. All he could do was stare into space while colourful seeds drifted around him.

Neige was so lost in his own thoughts, he never thought to actaully search for another Norn!
An itty bitty Angel threw her paws up in astonishment. What was she doing here? She was somewhere else a minute ago. She felt a little dizzy from the trip across, carried via Hand by the scruff of her neck soon after she'd fought her way out of her eggshell. 
Eek, there was an ugly critter almost half her size in here! Help! Angel scooted away from it in a panic and ended up standing on some sort of funny metal thing above some grungy looking water, just as a crown popped up over her head. Hey, that was pretty. What was that for? She smiled a bright smile at the pretty object, distracted from the nasty rocklice, which seemed to think it was her new pet.

Last but not least were the blue team, Ice and White. Ice backed away from the Hand uncertainly with a soft hiss, ready to turn tail and run head-first into the sea if he had to. A pointy blue shape appeared above White's head and then his own. Ice knew 'it' was doing something with these crowns and boy, he did not trust it. He was so busy backing away, he almost tripped over his pet fish.
White stayed calm and played with her Elmo toy. She was pretty sure that whatever their Hand had planned wasn't going to hurt. After all, the first time all it did was move her here, to a tropical beach paradise with all the food she could eat and beautiful fishies to peruse. As far as White was concerned, Hand was nice. She giggled softly at Ice, shaking her head at the funny Norn. He was a strange one.
Neige froze on his platform above the other Norn. He'd only discovered her prescence once she grew tall enough to stand above the tall grasses and he could see her purple crown. That was the main giveaway. But to his horror, she had just done the unthinkable. She had let out...a SNEEZE!
Neige shivered, kicking the stupid rocklice that leapt up near hsi foot. Darn, those things were a pest. 
"Hey, that's my pet!" Angel sniffled as she rubbed her nose from the sneeze, "Don't kick him."
Neige snorted at her "How can you even tell which one it is? They all look the same." He strode off to find a sweet snack to try and soothe his fears about that sneeze, only to feel an itch in his nose right when he was reaching for the bramboo berries. "Ah...ahh...aht-chooo!" Great, just great. He lived with a Crazy-Norn and now this. So much for keeping his own sanity. He was gonna die,just like Snow. Neige tried to stifle the surge of panic, as he heard a female Norn's reply echo in his ears "Easy - it's the one that jumps next to me and follows me around!"

Blanc was going about his usual forgaing for the day. He plodded along to one of the Tea Time bushes and stopped mid step when he was batted in the nose by someNorn else's tail! "Excuse me, are you lost or something?" Blanc asked without thinking, noticing the green crown above this Norn's head. She certainly wasn't Powder. Her fur had a floral, grassy scent and she was clearly not used to the warm sand, lifting her paws out and shaking them.

"I'm Pure and yes, I think I took a wrong turn during the TEST. What is this funny stuff on the ground?" the female asked, fanning herself with a paw. "Whew, it's warm in here! Different from my last room," Pure exclaimed, shaking herself off. She looked up to see an odd little tree that grew some very interesting fruit. Hmm, that wasn't a Stoperplant but it sure smelled good.
They could get used to life here. Indeed, both were soon expecting a small treasure that would be buried in the warm sands. This marked the Desert pair as the first Tom and Queen to have an egg!
White settled herself down in some soft purple grasses, sighing contentedly. She made it through the test, yay! Now she was in a whole new place again. That had been kind of fun, but it was a little bit too easy if she did say so herself. She grinned up at the Hand, happy and content in her new surroundings. As a cat type, this place was perfect. There was abundant prey, whippy grasses to stalk them in and an element of danger that added a dash of excitement. White wasn't scared.

Later on, she was brave enough to welcome a new baby Norn into the jungle, confident that her daughter would enjoy this mysterious place as much as she did. Or, she hoped so. Neige was a bit of a jumpy Norn for some reason, especially if one got sick near him.
The new Bengal des Neiges (only one, yes. Because SpringRain was an idiot and forgot about the multiple birth settings. D: ) toppled out of her egg with a cheerful outlook on life, heading straight for the patch of pretty fruits that popped up brightly out of the swishy grass.

 The next team to have an egg would be Powder and Ice, clearly displayed by Powder's big tummy! :D
Ice was still kind of in shock about the whole thing, and had run away to clear his head by the seashore, while Powder stood on the bank and giggled at her silly mate. She cradled her round white belly, which could almost be mistaken for a big puffy marshmallow, eagerly awaiting the resulting egg. This new place wasn't as hot as the desert landscape she had grown up in. There were refreshing salty breezes and delightful palm trees, which almost made up for there being no rocks to hunt.

White and Neige's daughter eventually had her nametag assigned, along with a nice sharp claw mark, selecting her as one of the Jungle Terrarium. She didn't really care for that though. All her rumbling tummy wanted was more rainbow shrooms. Her favourite toy rolled nearby - a fun bouncy ball that looked like an eye.
Ice had remained near the seaside, talking to his pet fish and feeding it biscuits. His ears perked up when he caught sight of his son and he gave a proud smile. Seth continued padding around in the silty sand and singing to the radio, easily amused. The blue star that winked above his head marked him as the Aquatic Terrarium type.  

Rathe stared in surprise at his crashed rocket ship, the little swirl above his ears a fitting representation of how he was feeling. It went up into the air, then it came down again. What would cause such a thing to occur? His parents (Blanc and Pure) were elsewhere, foraging for food again, unaware that their son might be a genius. XD

Angel, meanwhile, had found herself in a dreamy place, surrounded by flowers and wildlife. She snoozed contentedly upon the smooth wooden boards of the NornHome, awaiting her egg which would soon appear, while her oddball mate played with the Stoperplant endlessly. Blizzard never seemed to tire of his game. Angel had at first been a bit disappointed at being completely ignored for a plant. Eventually Blizzard had noticed her and realised they could interact without a barrier.
Apparently, the only cue he needed to return to the plant was for Angel to fall asleep. Blizzard just loved to play!

The last of the four teams to have any offspring (The Norn Terrarium), finally were presented with Silk, who was given a green leaf as her symbol. She curled up under the tiny bit of shade from her leafy shelter and giggled. Being high up in a treehouse, it was the perfect hiding place.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Discover Albia's Sweethearts

Hey hey, I'm going to diverge from everything with this post! Okay? Sorry to confuse everyone. =^.^;=

These are the Norns that I have adopted from Discover Albia's CreatureLink page. They're all documented somewhere in her blog so hopefully you can recognise a few familiar faces...or name tags, anyway.

Some of the Norns appeared very differently in my world until I figured out that I had to use Muco to lay some eggs to unpack the data for each Norn breed to display correctly. After fixing sprites that gave some of them baby heads (egads, that was terrifying!), I ended up with a whole bunch of different breeds of generation 1 Norns running around. But it's worked out well since there's tons of space and now the original adoptees have new friends.

Here be one of the originals I just mentioned: The lovely tigress named Bashil. She looks part ChiChi here because I was still having trouble with the Norn sprites but she appears correctly when I got them sorted out. Sorry about that. :P

How very touching! :D We spent some time telling each other this before I got bored of hitting CTRL+S over and over. <3 Thank you darling. Bashil was one of the first Norns to say this. It could be that she was extremely happy at being the first Norn ever to try out the new addition of the NornGarden 2 to my game. She's stayed in it the whole time and never leaves, even when other Norns do. I visit so she doesn't get lonely since attempts at relocating other females to live with her have not been successful thus far.  
The other new members and metaroom to the world are the Waterfall Grendels (v.3) in Silence Falls! Meet my teeny tiny scaly friends, Aquarius and Silaeca! Are they cute, or what? =>w<= The hairy thing in the corner is a Grendel toy, unanimously ignored by all.

Another snapshop of Miss Bashil, looking more orange-y than purple now that the Magma sprites have kicked in. She's still not 100% her original self but we're getting closer. ;) Just hangin' out with her buddy, Springrain. Sorry Bashil...

And who is this young lady? Well, I had to hatch a female Harlequin from Muco along with a male, and when I thought about this year's survivor, Jessica. I partly named her this as a sort of secret 'thank you' for letting me adopt all these Norns. Now you can live in the world with them, (kinda). (Some of them don't like you though. I apologise for those ones. =^///^;= Ehehe...)

Here are some more of the girls from CreatureLink. Jorie, Endiala and Issebo, along with Shimmer, my Gen.1 Astro girl. Everyone's pulling a sad or sleepy face or turning away from the camera. Still, you can tell which is which if you click on it to enlarge it. It's hard to get good shots sometimes. XP

Lisenka, Flicker and Zeera are down in the lower level of the meso. Poor Zeera ended up being hated by a couple of Norns later on and disliked by just about everyone else. There's a handful that like her though, thankfully! I try to move her to be with them when the haters get too abundant. Lol.

None of these next lot are familiar to anyone except me. I took this photo to show off the Norngarden (so pretty~!) as well as let ya see the new friends the adoptees are surrounded with. From left to right are pure Bruin, Zebra, (Special), Fallow and Magma females.

Joanna in the centre is actually the first daughter of Iollis and Gontor, who are the only male-female pair allowed to stay together in this world. That's because they were the previous Alphas' in their other world. They have the whole Norn Terrarium to themselves, as you can see. :D This is their favourite hang-out spot.

Here's Joanna's little card:
Still, I had some sad proof a while later in the NG. She liked to play with those little green balls near the pond. I didn't think it would take her life. Sorry, Joanna. It's hard to watch everyone at once sometimes.
Tegs and Orbit, a gen. 1 Zebra, are some of the males in the Biodome, where the majority of them are living. The thermometer on the right side there is attached to the heater gadget, which I injected for my Magmas.

Another Norn from C-Link, Isacho, is having a rest near some seeds. He was paired up with Issebo to begin with. I'm considering letting them breed later on.

Neddor and friends! Kirkik and Neddor are both from D.A. Hartford, and Bambi are gen.1 males from Muco and Isacho...decided to be a bit less anti-social.
Hartford the Harlequin is a bit of an oddball, since he was stuck as a child for an hour or so before growing to the next stage. This also happened to one of my baby Zebra Norns. 
Except in her case, it was even stranger. Endiala loves her! This was too cute not to share but it does have me puzzled. For one thing, Flicker's not related to Endi in any way, being a gen.1 Zebra Norn. For another, Norns saying they love each other is rare! Maybe Endi loves her because she stayed a baby for 3 hours or so, or maybe they're friends. Sadly, Flicker doesn't reply to this sentiment but it's nice to see such emotions. <3 (Edited.)
Another familiar face should be Yorio, who's exploring the underground with Bashil and Gontor's son; Darius. Flames the little Magma is freaking out about something. Possibly claustrophobia from being in a cave.  The reason there's a son from Bashil and Gontor is that Gontor kisspopped a couple of females when everyone was being imported. So we ended up with a few 'whoops' babies! Hee hee.

Darius close-up. I log tidbits of info about certain Norns.

Here we have a Wesid with Magma limbs! He later took on his normal appearance when I figured out how to fix it, yet I kind of liked how they looked against his lighter body. Almost like he was trying to make a fashion statement. =^w^= Wesid: "Ooh la la! This yellow, it goes with these red apples!"

A child of the Alphas', Marl is content with his pal, Lucky, the gen.1 Harlequin.

Isacho, meanwhile, provides me with the idea that maybe Stoperplants would come in useful at the edge of cliffs and platforms. He didn't get hurt too bad, thank goodness. Kirkik watched on, content to be the onlooker. How naughty!

Miss Bashil, finally looking more like herself. I logged a bit more data as time went on. At the time of posting, she's still living happily in the NG2, pushing leaves.

Or her other favourite activity that I forgot to mention: 'pull leaf' for hours of endless fun.
A cute shot of the Alpha couple, surrounded by native wildlife. Hey Gontor, there's a bird on your tail and a bug on your head, (and a hummingbird attacking a butterfly o_o). Io-chan, you have a butterfly on your ear! Ah, nature...

Io with a pretty new egg. I have some egg sprites installed and I don't know what all of them look like so every egg laid is a surprise. Thankfully, Io-chan will probably show most of them off for us. =^_^=

And there the newborn is. He looks just like a mini-Gontor, right down to the tail! I can't remember what I named him but he's in the records somewhere.
The Norns weren't the only ones having eggs.
After playing the game for several hours and waiting for my Grendels to grow, I thought they were going to be youths for a while. A nice change was that they aged much more slowly than the standard jungle Grendels that come with C3.
And enjoyed each other's company, (or seemed to).
I did try to get some early eggs from them with a little help from Cupid's lyre. But it didn't work. Fortunately, they were just waiting to become adults and we soon had the first Grendel egg (behind Silaeca here). They have plenty of food to eat, I just like to spoil everyone by dropping showers of food on them when I appear. Maybe that's why they like me?
Ta-da! The egg revealed a Miss Silaerus, whose name is a combination of her parents'.
Aqua: "Honey, she looks just like you!"
Silaeca: "Yeah, but she's got your personality..."
She also got a little brother later, who ended up with a pretty manly name. Lol. He sounds like a pirate or something. Imagine what this world would be like with Grendel pirates. For some reason, I imagine they'd have an airship and make port at famous waterfalls. Silaerus also surprised me by changing colour.
If Iollis and Gontor were trying to win a competition against the Grendels to see who could have the most eggs, they had long ago won by a mile. XD Here's the moment when Io just laid the twins. A curious dragonfly came to investigate. The eggs were really pretty. She even laid them side by side.
Apparently, this must have been too symmetrical for her because what she did next was a hoot. Io grabbed the blue one and took it for a ride up the lift, seperating it from it's sibling. I know I have 'interactive eggs' injected but this might be taking it too far, don't you think, Missy?
Out popped brother number one! the black starry egg looked amazing, so I tried to get a pic of them both just before they hatched but this little guy couldn't wait any longer. Both are boys, and were later moved to the Biodome with the other guys. Their names are Trate and Octavion.

 Whenever they see me, this is what happens. It's pretty nice, really. Io-chan was sleeping, so she didn't start it off, but I usually have to dip somewhere out of sight to get them to stop. Hehehe...

Another egg is the reason for that nap. Iollis shows how good she is at multitasking by quiescing a toy at the same time as egg-laying, while Gon takes a shower in some antibacterial spray.

A blue egg, and I can't remember who came out of it. Just look at the placement, though. Right next to a handy tool. Now that's nifty.

Ohhhh, I almost forgot to include this one! Proof of his undying love for his mate...and some extra proof on the left in the garden, blending in with a floral pattern. The garden gnome is a toy and since it's top is green right now, it means Spring. I don't know if the pattern on the egg is random or not but that's cute, right? :)
Aha, these three are hilarious. I asked them whether they liked each other (you sort of trick them into thinking one Norn is saying they like the other one by typing for instance, 'Bambi like Darius'. It's a good trick but it doesn't always work, especially if the Norns are indifferent to one another). Anyway Bambi was quick to reply 'Bambi dislike Darius'. Orbit: 'Orbit dislike Darius'. 
They'd just spent the last couple of hours growing up together without a peep...I never would have known. Needless to say, Darius was relocated to some friends who actually liked him and these two got a new pal named Jack, (a Bruin).

On the topic of relationships, this one here is worth mentioning. NO ONE likes Starspark, ever since he hatched. Possibly because of his penchant to 'hit Norn'. A couple of them even hate him (I think it's Tegidor and Wesid, not 100% sure on that). So, I moved him into a room of his own with plenty of food and put the only guy who doesn't dislike him to bits in there. Both of them like me, of course. :) I'm a happy Hand. I'm not so happy that they have a weird habit of sitting down for ages and not eating. They only start to munch on stuff when I visit and command them to 'push toy' and 'eat'. Still, this is better than hitting.

And to end my montage or bombardment of photos, I shall leave you with Kirky and We-We, sharing a...moment. I have no idea what to call it. It's kind of peculiar and really cute all at the same time. Both are thinking 'approach Norn' and they just stayed here pressed nose-to-nose, holding hands! What they heck, guys?! Lol. X3 Pulling one away from the other didn't work either...they walk right back to each other and continue what they're doing.

There have been no declarations of 'me like so-and-so' yet but I'm sure to hear them in the near future.
This gives me an idea...