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Discover Albia's Sweethearts

Hey hey, I'm going to diverge from everything with this post! Okay? Sorry to confuse everyone. =^.^;=

These are the Norns that I have adopted from Discover Albia's CreatureLink page. They're all documented somewhere in her blog so hopefully you can recognise a few familiar faces...or name tags, anyway.

Some of the Norns appeared very differently in my world until I figured out that I had to use Muco to lay some eggs to unpack the data for each Norn breed to display correctly. After fixing sprites that gave some of them baby heads (egads, that was terrifying!), I ended up with a whole bunch of different breeds of generation 1 Norns running around. But it's worked out well since there's tons of space and now the original adoptees have new friends.

Here be one of the originals I just mentioned: The lovely tigress named Bashil. She looks part ChiChi here because I was still having trouble with the Norn sprites but she appears correctly when I got them sorted out. Sorry about that. :P

How very touching! :D We spent some time telling each other this before I got bored of hitting CTRL+S over and over. <3 Thank you darling. Bashil was one of the first Norns to say this. It could be that she was extremely happy at being the first Norn ever to try out the new addition of the NornGarden 2 to my game. She's stayed in it the whole time and never leaves, even when other Norns do. I visit so she doesn't get lonely since attempts at relocating other females to live with her have not been successful thus far.  
The other new members and metaroom to the world are the Waterfall Grendels (v.3) in Silence Falls! Meet my teeny tiny scaly friends, Aquarius and Silaeca! Are they cute, or what? =>w<= The hairy thing in the corner is a Grendel toy, unanimously ignored by all.

Another snapshop of Miss Bashil, looking more orange-y than purple now that the Magma sprites have kicked in. She's still not 100% her original self but we're getting closer. ;) Just hangin' out with her buddy, Springrain. Sorry Bashil...

And who is this young lady? Well, I had to hatch a female Harlequin from Muco along with a male, and when I thought about this year's survivor, well...meet Jessica. I partly named her this as a sort of secret 'thank you' for letting me adopt all these Norns. Now you can live in the world with them, (kinda). (Some of them don't like you though. I apologise for those ones. =^///^;= Ehehe...)

Here are some more of the girls from CreatureLink. Jorie, Endiala and Issebo, along with Shimmer, my Gen.1 Astro girl. Everyone's pulling a sad or sleepy face or turning away from the camera. Still, you can tell which is which if you click on it to enlarge it. It's hard to get good shots sometimes. XP

Lisenka, Flicker and Zeera are down in the lower level of the meso. Poor Zeera ended up being hated by a couple of Norns later on and disliked by just about everyone else. There's a handful that like her though, thankfully! I try to move her to be with them when the haters get too abundant. Lol.

None of these next lot are familiar to anyone except me. I took this photo to show off the Norngarden (so pretty~!) as well as let ya see the new friends the adoptees are surrounded with. From left to right are pure Bruin, Zebra, (Special), Fallow and Magma females.

Joanna in the centre is actually the first daughter of Iollis and Gontor, who are the only male-female pair allowed to stay together in this world. That's because they were the previous Alphas' in their other world. They have the whole Norn Terrarium to themselves, as you can see. :D This is their favourite hang-out spot.

Here's Joanna's little card:
Still, I had some sad proof a while later in the NG. She liked to play with those little green balls near the pond. I didn't think it would take her life. Sorry, Joanna. It's hard to watch everyone at once sometimes.
Tegs and Orbit, a gen. 1 Zebra, are some of the males in the Biodome, where the majority of them are living. The thermometer on the right side there is attached to the heater gadget, which I injected for my Magmas.

Another Norn from C-Link, Isacho, is having a rest near some seeds. He was paired up with Issebo to begin with. I'm considering letting them breed later on.

Neddor and friends! Kirkik and Neddor are both from D.A. Hartford, and Bambi are gen.1 males from Muco and Isacho...decided to be a bit less anti-social.
Hartford the Harlequin is a bit of an oddball, since he was stuck as a child for an hour or so before growing to the next stage. This also happened to one of my baby Zebra Norns. 
Except in her case, it was even stranger. Endiala loves her! This was too cute not to share but it does have me puzzled. For one thing, Flicker's not related to Endi in any way, being a gen.1 Zebra Norn. For another, Norns saying they love each other is rare! Maybe Endi loves her because she stayed a baby for 3 hours or so, or maybe they're friends. Sadly, Flicker doesn't reply to this sentiment but it's nice to see such emotions. <3 (Edited.)
Another familiar face should be Yorio, who's exploring the underground with Bashil and Gontor's son; Darius. Flames the little Magma is freaking out about something. Possibly claustrophobia from being in a cave.  The reason there's a son from Bashil and Gontor is that Gontor kisspopped a couple of females when everyone was being imported. So we ended up with a few 'whoops' babies! Hee hee.

Darius close-up. I log tidbits of info about certain Norns.

Here we have a Wesid with Magma limbs! He later took on his normal appearance when I figured out how to fix it, yet I kind of liked how they looked against his lighter body. Almost like he was trying to make a fashion statement. =^w^= Wesid: "Ooh la la! This yellow, it goes with these red apples!"

A child of the Alphas', Marl is content with his pal, Lucky, the gen.1 Harlequin.

Isacho, meanwhile, provides me with the idea that maybe Stoperplants would come in useful at the edge of cliffs and platforms. He didn't get hurt too bad, thank goodness. Kirkik watched on, content to be the onlooker. How naughty!

Miss Bashil, finally looking more like herself. I logged a bit more data as time went on. At the time of posting, she's still living happily in the NG2, pushing leaves.

Or her other favourite activity that I forgot to mention: 'pull leaf' for hours of endless fun.
A cute shot of the Alpha couple, surrounded by native wildlife. Hey Gontor, there's a bird on your tail and a bug on your head, (and a hummingbird attacking a butterfly o_o). Io-chan, you have a butterfly on your ear! Ah, nature...

Io with a pretty new egg. I have some egg sprites installed and I don't know what all of them look like so every egg laid is a surprise. Thankfully, Io-chan will probably show most of them off for us. =^_^=

And there the newborn is. He looks just like a mini-Gontor, right down to the tail! I can't remember what I named him but he's in the records somewhere.
The Norns weren't the only ones having eggs.
After playing the game for several hours and waiting for my Grendels to grow, I thought they were going to be youths for a while. A nice change was that they aged much more slowly than the standard jungle Grendels that come with C3.
And enjoyed each other's company, (or seemed to).
I did try to get some early eggs from them with a little help from Cupid's lyre. But it didn't work. Fortunately, they were just waiting to become adults and we soon had the first Grendel egg (behind Silaeca here). They have plenty of food to eat, I just like to spoil everyone by dropping showers of food on them when I appear. Maybe that's why they like me?
Ta-da! The egg revealed a Miss Silaerus, whose name is a combination of her parents'.
Aqua: "Honey, she looks just like you!"
Silaeca: "Yeah, but she's got your personality..."
She also got a little brother later, who ended up with a pretty manly name. Lol. He sounds like a pirate or something. Imagine what this world would be like with Grendel pirates. For some reason, I imagine they'd have an airship and make port at famous waterfalls. Silaerus also surprised me by changing colour.
If Iollis and Gontor were trying to win a competition against the Grendels to see who could have the most eggs, they had long ago won by a mile. XD Here's the moment when Io just laid the twins. A curious dragonfly came to investigate. The eggs were really pretty. She even laid them side by side.
Apparently, this must have been too symmetrical for her because what she did next was a hoot. Io grabbed the blue one and took it for a ride up the lift, seperating it from it's sibling. I know I have 'interactive eggs' injected but this might be taking it too far, don't you think, Missy?
Out popped brother number one! the black starry egg looked amazing, so I tried to get a pic of them both just before they hatched but this little guy couldn't wait any longer. Both are boys, and were later moved to the Biodome with the other guys. Their names are Trate and Octavion.

 Whenever they see me, this is what happens. It's pretty nice, really. Io-chan was sleeping, so she didn't start it off, but I usually have to dip somewhere out of sight to get them to stop. Hehehe...

Another egg is the reason for that nap. Iollis shows how good she is at multitasking by quiescing a toy at the same time as egg-laying, while Gon takes a shower in some antibacterial spray.

A blue egg, and I can't remember who came out of it. Just look at the placement, though. Right next to a handy tool. Now that's nifty.

Ohhhh, I almost forgot to include this one! Proof of his undying love for his mate...and some extra proof on the left in the garden, blending in with a floral pattern. The garden gnome is a toy and since it's top is green right now, it means Spring. I don't know if the pattern on the egg is random or not but that's cute, right? :)
Aha, these three are hilarious. I asked them whether they liked each other (you sort of trick them into thinking one Norn is saying they like the other one by typing for instance, 'Bambi like Darius'. It's a good trick but it doesn't always work, especially if the Norns are indifferent to one another). Anyway Bambi was quick to reply 'Bambi dislike Darius'. Orbit: 'Orbit dislike Darius'. 
They'd just spent the last couple of hours growing up together without a peep...I never would have known. Needless to say, Darius was relocated to some friends who actually liked him and these two got a new pal named Jack, (a Bruin).

On the topic of relationships, this one here is worth mentioning. NO ONE likes Starspark, ever since he hatched. Possibly because of his penchant to 'hit Norn'. A couple of them even hate him (I think it's Tegidor and Wesid, not 100% sure on that). So, I moved him into a room of his own with plenty of food and put the only guy who doesn't dislike him to bits in there. Both of them like me, of course. :) I'm a happy Hand. I'm not so happy that they have a weird habit of sitting down for ages and not eating. They only start to munch on stuff when I visit and command them to 'push toy' and 'eat'. Still, this is better than hitting.

And to end my montage or bombardment of photos, I shall leave you with Kirky and We-We, sharing a...moment. I have no idea what to call it. It's kind of peculiar and really cute all at the same time. Both are thinking 'approach Norn' and they just stayed here pressed nose-to-nose, holding hands! What they heck, guys?! Lol. X3 Pulling one away from the other didn't work either...they walk right back to each other and continue what they're doing.

There have been no declarations of 'me like so-and-so' yet but I'm sure to hear them in the near future.
This gives me an idea...

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  1. It's great to see these Norns having such a wonderful time! I also appreciate you adding "me" to the world to hang out with everyone! Too bad not everyone likes me... I must be cranky in Norn form. Ha ha!

    Poor Joanna. I hate random deaths like this, but like you said, it's impossible to keep an eye on everyone. At least it looks like she had a happy life.

    I cracked up over Wesid with his lighter arms! He can be the fashion coordinator of all Norns!

    I'm glad you're enjoying Grendel Man's Grendels, too! I tried out a small group of them, and really liked them.

    Oh, Iollis: Stealing eggs and carrying them off! I'm glad that she and Gontor have stayed together and kept their love going strong. Well, maybe it's one-sided at the moment, but it's still love!