Monday, 23 July 2012

Galloping Gen Two...or Not

So I said I'd update this a couple of times a month, but I really want to try and do it a little more often than that. I'd been playing with my Norns long enough to have two new additions to the family around the time I created that first post, however I didn't think it needed an information overload so here we are in a fresh new post!

Let's catch up with what's happened.

With plenty of adult Norns around, I chose to export the ones whom are infertile to give the ones who weren't the time and space to breed. I was hopeful to have at least a few new eggs in the world or it looked like my dream of reaching generation 100 was a very long way off, if I couldn't even make it to generation two!

Lots of joyful socialising, playing and the occasional bit of eating kept everyone's stress to a minimum and they were more or less happy, so I was glad when another egg was soon on its way! So far we only had one egg and we needed more than that if there was going to be much of a chance. Notice how the two ladies are keeping company near the wee egg while the two boys are keeping watch over a toy...yup, that's about right. Hee hee. XD 

But it didn't stay that way for long, as you can see with this handsome couple. Their dark colouring really is a nice touch to these Norns and I'm not sure whether it's natural, a mutation or if someone purposely created them this way but I will say thank you very much to whoever these cuties belonged to before I adopted them. It was so cute watching them standing over their teeny little egg, and I had high hopes that the resulting baby would take the same colouring of Aurn and Chrissie here. Although considering Aurn's penchant for nomming weeds, I'm not too sure the place it was laid was a good decision. 

She didn't stay in the garden for long after Aurn wandered off in search of entertainment and food, heading up the lift to find something to amuse herself as well - a punching bag seems a questionable toy, yet what better way to get out any frustrations? Ahaha! I made sure to feed her honey and coax her to eat carrots, which helped her life force climb back up after what had seemed a very easy and stress free pregnancy. (Which must surely be beneficial for the little creature growing within, correct? I'm not sure if that's how it works in Creatures 1 but it's nice to imagine). 

Meanwhile, I was delighted to welcome the occupant of that first blue egg whilst the adults were off doing their thing. Meet the adorable Marlika! She's a pretty, almost red colour and the daughter of Dawn and Aurn. While raising her I was happy to discover that she enjoyed learning about the world around her and appeared to have inherited her mother's good eating habits. She pushed the super speech toy a lot whilst I cycled through each category, quickly filling her mind with words so I could better understand my little foal before she wandered further.

Although, to be honest, after a few sips of frubbly pink lemonade, her first wanderings did take her towards the comfortable safety of the kitchen and the incubator, leaving me free to take care of another new baby!

This is Chocolate - and guess who the parents are! Ahaha, it's really difficult to tell, isn't it? Especially since I told you already. *grins* You can more easily see the colour difference on Marlika compared to Dawn there beside her, and again the colour of Chocolate compared to both of them. So far this sort of thing is really all I can tell you as I have no idea how to check for mutations and such even with the genetics kit tool.  Maybe I can get someone to take a look at them for me. Then again, sometimes it's a little more fun to leave things unknown!

 With everything chugging along so smoothly it was about time for a spanner to get thrown in the works. Dawn came down with an illness, the culprit being Antigen two. It looked as though it was going to take a very long time indeed for her system to produce enough of the correct antibody, so I isoated her then encouraged her to eat lots (a good choice with the lemons, darling!). She kept picking them off the trellis, eating large quantities while I amused her with the ball every now and then to help keep her focus off her illness.

In the end, I exported everyone else so I could focus solely on helping her beat the sickness and not risk them all becoming infected (from her sneezes and coughs). It took a lot longer than I would have liked for that red line to climb all the way to the top. Admittedly, it was growing pretty tiresome...

But eventually we won! Down goes the blue and up goes the red. A snooze by the fire added the finishing touches. After which everyone was welcomed back and soon dispersered throughout the world again. My Norns are an adventuresome bunch.

I continued to play with and watch over them and Marlika was growing into a fine young filly. Here she is with either Dawn or Blondini (It's kind of hard to tell which is which, ehehe) I think it was Blondie from what I recall. I was trying to get her to eat things from the oven CoB and Marlika happened to join our company. Her hair looks kind of rose gold compared to Blondie's now that I see them again. Neat!

 Oh yes, I hadn't forgotten about Chocolate. He decided to hang around in the garden eating carrots and lemons soon after he was born and with a bit of mischievous luring using a bouncy ball he soon found his way into the kitchen with his older half-sister. I keep the super speech toy up near the learning computer and grab it to teach multiple Norns at once, so it was super handy to have them in this location together.

After they finish learning all their words, my horsies are free to go where they wish, and Chocolate was happy to do just that, marching along through the carrots for most of his childhood. :D It's amazing that they keep growing back at all with the amount of trampling paws and uprooted seedlings those root vegetables have to endure. He looks almost like a proud stallion striding along with that pose.

 I'm very glad that he's kept his dark colours. For some reason, this garden was his preferred spot to hang out, along with his wobbly jelly friend. Actually, I have no idea what the mould is supposed to be...but the top part wobbles like a head, so I'm guessing it's some kind of animal. Sorry to whoever created it for my ignorance. Lol.

An hour or two more of game play and being kept hopping by taking care of all my creatures had soon shown Marlika grow up to be a lovely red mare almost in no time at all. She's fittingly trailing a carrot behind her here and often likes to trit-trot around Albia, socialising with the adults before meandering to a new spot.

These are all the pictures and news I have for now. My hope is to be able to introduce some new Norns soon. Despite kisses and pops, nothing seems to be happening so I might have to break out the stash of tomatoes! Wish me luck and keep an eye out for the next update.

Love, SpringRain. :)


  1. These Horse Norns are amazing! You should have a new one waiting for you in your inbox in a little bit from CreatureLink! If you're interested in finding the mutations in C1 Norns, I highly recommend downloading the Digital-DNA Analyzer from Treesprite's Creatures Grove. The download link is broken, but here is the correct direct link to the zip file: Direct Download. This lets you find mutations from a Norn's parents, and also lets you compare two genomes to find any differences. It's a wonderful tool! It also works with Creatures 2.

    I'm always happy to take a look at genome files to find mutations, though! I've gotten pretty decent at it, particularly for Creatures 1.

    I'm glad Dawn recovered from that nasty bout of antigen two. Exporting is the safest option, although I usually give myself a challenge and just try to keep the infected creature quarantined. Good luck with everyone!

  2. Aw, thank you for the compliments. ^_^ I've grown very fond of them too. Hehehe.

    And thanks for sharing Bellis with me! I can't wait to introduce her to everyone. I hope she will be happy with my other Norns but I'll have to see how that goes...Lol.

    I have followed your suggestion and downloaded the D-DNA Analyzer, so I may start fiddling with that later on down the track. That is, if I can figure out how to use it. Your offer of guidance is also much appreciated. Ahaha. XD Your inbox may end up filled with Norns, though.

    Being able to see what mutations I have would be cool.

    I'm glad she recovered as well - it's always a relief when a full recovery is made. Oh yeah, I don't usually export everyone but I really didn't want it to spread when I had so many Norns in the world. Then again, maybe that would have been beneficial for them.