Saturday, 22 September 2012

Apologies for the Lack of Activity

Hello to all my readers, if I still have any. If I don't, then I'm happy to talk to myself. :D

Sorry that things have slowed down so much here lately. Things got busy as they tend to. Stuff pops up, illnesses, events, birthdays and work.

So I've been a bit slack on the posting front here.

I might also be sparse in the lead-up to the CCSF (the Creatures Community Spirit Festival), working on submissions before it starts in November. Egads! I don't think I'll be able to finish my set of agents at this rate. My original plans are having some spanners thrown in them.

I am still able to finish art related things though so that's going nicely.

Just wanted to write something here to let you know I'm still around and plan to update this when I can. I haven't suddenly got lazy or dropped this little project. I do plan to continue.

Thank you for reading.




  1. Hello! You still have some readers. <3

  2. No problem! Everyone takes breaks from time to time, but thanks for letting us know! I've been guilty of disappearing a few times... Good luck with your submissions for the CCSF! Even if everything isn't ready in time, I'm sure a later release will still be most appreciated!

  3. Meh, seems to be a bit of a break around most of the Creatures blogs. Except at Discover Albia that is :P

    I haven't written anything for ages, and annoyingly it was right after I started a new genetics project. Work, moving house and new games have really eaten into my time, so I know how you feel.

    No doubt we'll all get a burst of enthusiasm at some point. I'm sure C4 will do wonders for my inspiration.

  4. Thanks for being so understanding, everyone. :) I'm going to try to post a thing or two over the weekend (it's a long weekend because of the Queen's Birthday on Monday).

    I have lots of inspiration, but not enough time. Lol. And I'm sure we all know what that feels like!

    Keep Well.