Thursday, 6 September 2012

These are a Few of my Favourite Things

As the title says, this post is about some of my favourite things.

"Let's name our Grendels after anime voice actors!" That sort of thing. =^.^=

Most anime voice actors are brilliant and needless to say, I have a few that I've taken a liking to for their superb talents in portraying different characters so flawlessly.

Needless to say, naming one's Grendels after them ensures some interesting results.

I shall now introduce you to Greg and Todd:

Todd was the Grendel that first hatched in the jungle terrarium. There's a little story to how he got his name. Unable to stop the eggs from the Ettin and Grendel Mothers being laid and then hatching while I am busy setting up a new world, I often quickly name the new Grendels things like 'Grah', 'Beh' or 'Grndl', as I don't like to leave them standing on some beach without a name nameless. Deciding I wanted something different this time, I came up with the idea to name my Creatures after some of my favourite things. And well, I suppose the rest is easy to guess from there.
Greg was hatched later on to be a friend for Todd, who I thought would do well to have some company. Ever since he hatched, he's never been quite right. I think there's something wrong with him, actually. The thought reader above his head is nothing to be alarmed about as this is what he spends most of his time doing since day one.   

Yes, Todd tries to eat himself whenever he gets bored. If you don't manage it Todd, I'm sure the piranahs in the pond below will help you out.

Aside from this, his list of other favourite activities includes: 'approach self' (where he continues in one direction until he falls off a ledge or runs into a wall), 'retreat self' (pretty much the same thing, only backwards), and the classic game of 'hit self', which kept him wonderfully entertained when he wasn't playing with his Grendel toys (the furry looking Creature Egg things that come in different colours and make the most adorable squeaky sounds when pushed, hit or pulled!).

Around the time Todd became a Youth, I took the other Grendel egg from where it had been safely stored in my inventory, thinking that perhaps all this odd behaviour was due to Todd having too much of his own company. Out popped Greg, and I was almost certain the problems would be solved.
Unfortunately, this was not the case.
Instead of having only himself to hit, Todd now had a real punching bag! He followed poor Greg around, gleefully stating 'hit grendel' while he did just that with a big smile on his face.
I need not explain that Greg didn't exactly enjoy this. In fact, despite Todd being there for company, he often complained of being lonely: 

Todd's response each time to this need was very confusing and probably not too helpful:
As well as being lonely, Greg often states his true feelings towards Todd. Can't really say I blame him... :<

Especially when your companion's idea of fun is this:
Todd's response to Greg's complaining is quite hilarious. I don't think he realises HE'S the one being disliked:
 I'm not sure how much they really dislike each other though, since I managed to catch this sweet moment:
 Although, it could just be that Todd is stalking Greg, waiting until he wakes up so he can either eat him or hit him. XD Poor Greg, he puts up with a lot. You can't help but love Todd though; he never fails to bring some much needed entertainment into this dank, dark jungle.
Needless to say I am rather attached to both of these Grendels! :D They never fail to make me laugh. Both receive lots of tickles and attention from the Hand! I even tried to train them so I could put them in with my Norns but it failed because I only managed to train one of them properly.
Both would happily perform the command 'push norn' on the training dummy which I moved from the warp room with Amaikokonut's Magic Words Movable command. That is, until the lesson was over and one of them went right back to 'hit norn' over and over, with a giant grin.
Guess which one didn't complete the training? Lol.


  1. What an adorable pair of Grendels! I had a good laugh over this post, because Todd and Greg are just absolutely hilarious! It's a shame Todd likes to hit so much, though Greg really doesn't seem to care too much... That confusing advice must really get to him, though! I hope they end up living out a nice life together. Maybe Todd will get a little nicer as he gets older and refrain from trying to hit Greg and himself all the time!

  2. They're both very charming in their own ways, Ahaha! I never really got into raising Grendels in C3/DS before since I'm used to them killing and hurting my Norns but I've since grown much fonder of this species after reading Grendel Man's blog.

    Yes, I've tried numerous times to train Mister Todd but he's happiest when he's hitting. I taught him to 'push Norn' and 'push Grendel' (no point teaching him 'push self' though, that might be a bit weird. Lol!).

    He just goes back to "Hit Norn! :D" when the training is over.

    Greg needed a break so I put him in with one of my other Norns for a while. Lol.