Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The C3 DS Challenge Continues

Wow, that's a really boring title. Hopefully I can come up with something more creative in future. Ahaha! XD

Oh well, you get the idea, ne? It's the second part of my C3 DS world story. I played for a couple of hours and discovered I'd forgotten things, made the test too easy for the Norns and so on, but these things will be ironed out along the way. 

My apologies in advance for stretching this out so much. It is probably going to cover a couple of shorter entries because I took a lot of pictures in my first few hours of playing. After that it should go faster because I'll try to be better with my timing and use less photos.

Ice wriggled his claw tipped toes in the sand, staring beyond the tiny edible teacup he had in his snowy paw to the expanse of beach surrounding him, almost in disbelief. Salty breezes tantalised his senses and rippled his fur, while the sounds of seawater lapped in his ears.

He had been grabbed by the pink floating hand without warning, to be dropped in a long, empty hallway with large round doors. Following the scents of food and other Norns, Ice had ended up here. Now he couldn't remember how to get out.

Clueless that he was the first male to pass the relatively simple survival test, Ice joined the only other creature in the room; a Norn named White. Unfortunately, they were seperated by one of those strange pop-up plants he had seen elsewhere in this world, but at least they could talk to each other.

EveryNorn fared differently in their new habitats and Pure was a perfect example. She was finding settling into her new home confusing. Her tummy told her she was hungry but food here was...well, it wasn't so easy to obtain as the lush place of abundance where she started out. You had to DO things to get it and KNOW where different foods could be found. Pure was too peckish to care about all that. She wanted food now.
Unsure what to do with herself when she couldn't find the exact thing she craved, she stomped her little foot and started searching for this elusive flavour. 
Her eyes drifted over the trees before they settled on the lift which had brought her to the top platform. It was brown, wasn't it? And the seeds she crunched on a few moments before were brown...maybe she could try eating the elevator to satisfy her growling belly. Licking her chops, Pure advanced on the unsuspecting vehicle, her tail lifted in anticipation of a tasty snack. She declared her intentions loudly. That elevator wasn't getting away from her!

Blizzard, the second male to pass the test, had something else to announce. He rode one of the brown contraptions to the top of the grassy hill, thinking it would be fun to travel in after his journey through the plain metal hallway. Not so. This thing was boring. It was worse than that...it was very boring. There had to be something more interesting to do than ride lifts in this new home. He complained for all the room to hear, hoping it would make him feel better.  He was happy. He was just so gosh darn...bored. Blizard felt like rolling around on the ground yelling "Blizzard extremely bored, Blizzard very bored!" That's how bad it was.

Snow held a seed tightly in her palm, closing her eyes as the creeping, crawling, sweating jungle spun slowly around her, making her wobble on her feet. She had grown since she first arrived here and even started to enjoy it, especially the whippy grasses that were perfect for hiding and stalking and the bouncing critters that were fun to chase. However, she felt strange lately; Feverish and dizzy ever since she awoke from her nap by the pirahna pond that morning. The pink hand had appeared in the room and hovered nearby but she failed to notice it, or it's worried flailing, suddenly caught up in a violent coughing fit.

The world began to turn dark as Snow crumpled to the mulchy ground with a soft whine. Her pretty white eyes closed for the last time, though the smile never left her face. Dreams of a happier place had filled her mind; a place with a glittering white forest and sparkling stars. She drifted off into them with a feeling of great peace and joy.
The pink hand though, was left more with a feeling of sadness and shock. Bacteria were the culprits, yet they had been merciless. They had acted so quickly SpringRain hadn't even got a chance to grab Miss Snow and rush her to the medical bay. Rest in peace, little one. Now we will have to find a new Bengal des Neiges.

Powder's experience in her new home was going far better! A mischievous giggle escaped her while she hid among the flowering cacti patch growing in the hot sands. She closed her eyes, seeking out a rock she had tossed into them, trying to find it without looking. Her sense of smell was working wonderfully; her spongy nose twitched at the scents of fresh water, animals, minerals, foods, plants...
 The flapping wings of the Uglee flying overhead made her laugh, though she didn't let it distract her. She had already bumped into those spiky cactus spines more than once and learned her lesson. It was an extra factor to add a dash of danger to the game. Brushing curly strands away from her face, Powder continued her rock-hunt.

Blanc, the third male Bengal to find himself a habitat, huddled beside the biscuit bush, nibbling the comfort foods for, well, what little comfort they offered. Though healthy in every other way, he felt a strong tug at his core, a longing for the comfy, cosy home he'd been forced to leave. Folding his paws to himself, he whinged of his plight, letting his cries of homesickness sound over and over. This place was NOT his home. Couldn't anyone help? His eyes peeked up at the hand floating a little way in the air and an idea made him smile. Maybe it would take him back. "Blance really homesick" he called loudly several more times, making his worries clear.


Blizzard had given up on all such help from that pink thing.

He had indulged his earlier desire and rolled around the top of the hill shouting before taking the BORING lift back down to the ground where the yellow grazers roamed, wandering amongst the oinking piggies to the thing which had caught his attention.

...The Stoperplant.

Blizzard knew this green growing oddity was something that hand put there to stop him crossing to the other part of the room where the female Norn was. That made it perfect to try and get past! Driving the hand nuts would be a great way to pass the time.

With a devilish grin and a glint in his eye, Blizzard ran into it over and over. The plant bloomed quickly to push him back, only making him all the more determined. It started to shove him more forcefully, yet he laughed and persisted. Now this was fun!

Yes, Blizzard did drive me nuts with this! I fell prey to his bait and zoomed right in to move the plant back a bit, only for him to run straight to it and continue his efforts. Moving him back up to the top of the green hill didn't help either. He took the lift right down and kept going, only stopping to eat or collapse from exhaustion.
Thankfully, he hadn't suffered any injuries from all this and seems to be having a blast.


  1. About the bacteria: I strongly suggest you remove those; they're too brutal for natural selection purposes since the one way the creatures have to get rid of them doesn't seem to work right and oftentimes they're remain infected until they get hit with a OHKO toxin (ATP Decoupler usually, but sometimes Cyanide) and die.

    That said, I'm enjoying reading this so far. I like what you've done with the Garden Box decorations, anyway.

  2. I second Grendel Man: This truly is enjoyable to follow! Blizzard seems like a funny little character with his boredom, while Pure made me laugh with her silly antics regarding the lift. Poor Snow, though. It's always a shame when a Norn dies young, and even worse when it happens before you have a chance to do much of anything!

    One quick but minor note: Could you update the link to Discover Albia to go to the home page? It currently links to the August archive. Not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination... I just notice these tiny things. Thanks!

  3. @Grendel Man: Wow I had no idea how strong the bacteria were. Is there a way that my Norns could gradually grow more resistant to them if I keep a weaker variety of bacteria around? I don't know if that's possible but if it is, I would like my Norns to gain better immunity against that kind of thing.

    I've been trying to kill the bacteria in the Jungle Terrarium in my other DS/CS world where I have Greg and Todd (my two Grendels), but they seem to come back as fast as I kill them. I'm using an antibacterial spray, plus a Roamer. It only seems to get rid of them temporarily though.

    I'm glad that you're enjoying it so far. Lol. Yeah, I think I went a little overboard playing with the garden box. It's a wonderful agent.

    @Discover Albia: Thank you again. I always seem to be saying that, but I truly mean it. You kind words mean a lot! I'm happy that you're also having fun reading along.

    My Norns made me laugh a lot when I was playing the game too. They each seem to be developing their own personalities. Blizzard is a real ratbag. Lol.

    Yes, seeing Snow collapse and not being able to do anything to help her was the worst feeling. She started to cough, sneeze...and then she was gone. It was a nasty shock. I was comforted to see that she went with a smile though. I'm hoping that means she didn't suffer.

    Oh! Yes, of course, I'm so sorry. I didn't realise I'd linked it to there. I'll go and fix it up now. Thanks for letting me know.