Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bring in the Females

With only Twinkie and Cabbage left (what a weird combination. Lol.) I chose to import all the females early. The world was a bit too quiet with only two living souls to occupy it.

The remaining girls of gen four certainly livened things up again.

Well, not straight away. Good things take time. Here is Rosie snoozing in the kitchen.

 Notice the amount of pink milkshakes on that shelf there? ^ My Norns seem to love pushing the dispensors! I ended up with an endless supply of milkshakes and cheese. After moving most of them onto the side table, I stopped counting and gave up trying to tidy the place. It was pointless. I now hand out milkshakes to anyone and everyone.
It had not taken long for the Norns to spread out once I imported them. Strawberry and Honey could be found up near the bee hives. Strawberry is the one on the far right with the pretty red coat and Honey is the one...well, eating her namesake. I took a large picture to capture the beautiful scene. Albia always looks so idyllic.

Now, as I imported my females, I had come across something that made me feel a little bit guilty. I noticed that I seemed to have a few girls missing and that was when I realised must have forgotten some of their names. Checking through my notes, I found sure enough that I had overlooked miss Eclaire. I imported her along with the others but it was no surprise to see she was still an adolescent/youth stage from being left on the hard drive most of the time. Something confusing though, was that despite her small size, she was not the youngest.

I went to see what Strawberry and Honey were up to after taking a screenshot of Eclaire. Honey had discovered the slideshow toy (called 'fun' oddly enough), while Strawberry had wandered into the music room. I tried to show her how to play the harp and drum but the lesson didn't go as I planned. She complained of being hungry then watched me play the instruments and promptly fell asleep.

 Twinkie was a practised Nornish musician, at least, he was good at playing with the radio. Even though it only had one tune. ;) He had escaped to the tropical island away from most of the others to enjoy his senior years in peace.

He was later joined by Harper, the sister of Clause and Stilts. Twinkie was happy to see the third of the siblings and joyfully joined Harper in playing in the lift. Harper sometimes announced her desire to run, probably because whenever the lift did stop, Twinkie loved to push the buttons again.

Twinkie eventually left the island, travelling across to the lighthouse area in the cart that runs in the underwater tunnel. He continued his journey until he was stopped by a beauty of nature, reaching out to trail his paws in the water. Honey was too busy having fun with the Fun. But Strawberry developed a super power to see through walls and looked at the new arrival with great curiosity. (I don't know why but she was able to see Twinkie and the waterfall from the music room). 

I floated down to say hello and give teaching music another go. My pupil was awake and willing, her eyes on me and her paws outstretched! I would teach her how wonderful music could be. She strummed the harp and her boredom levels went down almost instantly. Strawberry is a fast learner.

Pan on the other hand, was a cheeky one. She smiled sweetly as she bit into her apple, while Cabbage looked on in concern and told her 'drop norn'. Maybe he thought the apple was poisoned. But there are no wicked step mothers here! Only evil deathcap mushrooms. Silly Pan.

Twinkie was still roaming the land. He found a mysterious banana bearing tree near the old wishing well. Those bananas hadn't been there before. It was so odd how whenever hand was around, things seemed to appear out of nowhere.
Meanwhile Rosie showed me her new trick. "Look Mummy, I can play the recorder", she beamed, playing a spritely tune. Now it didn't seem to matter that I just handed it to her a second ago, she learned in two seconds flat!

Strawberry loves her new banjo. Musical instruments were popping up everywhere. It was like the world had been deprived before they showed up. Now everynorn had plenty of toys too, which relieved the cries of "name bored" across Albia.  

Strawberry, Rosie and Pan met up together in the (Storage room? Cellar?) under the temple where they proceeded to play a game of hide n' seek behind the pillars. I had a tricky time guessing who was who. In fact I can't tell Rosie and Pan apart, Strawberry is the one on the far left. 

Oh no, drama was happening in another part of Albia. Twinkie's worried looked and clasped paws said it all. Oh, don't do it, Harper! You're far too young to go cliff diving for thrills off Lover's Leap. D:

I have been monitoring Twinkie's aging for a while now and came across something that made me curious about him. I never really noticed it before. Here you can clearly see the green line showing crowdedness. I think this is from the Hand being around him. I will have to check this with other Norns.

Honey and Harper were having a secret conversation outside the banana tree. Maybe they were whispering about Harper's daring deeds. Then again, they could be speculating about where the bananas came from or what would happen in gen five.

Now the final image of Strawberry and Honey in the garden, enjoying some classical guitar amid the butterflies. Is it not so lovely? Surely there is nothing out of place, floating unheeded over their heads? Beware the flying lemons!

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