Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Last Stallions of Generation Four

Last time I shared what my C1 Horse Norns had been up to, I'd opted to export all the females in order to prevent drowning in a sea of eggs. Actually, I suppose it would be more like a ball pool with very odd balls.
In any case, this smaller population of just four males was a nice break from the usual herd of kisspopping creatures. Not that I don't enjoy all of my creatures, boys and girls alike. I just didn't think my supply of ugly tomatoes was going to do the trick and we have 11 or 12 generation 5 Norns waiting on the hard drive. ^_^ Hee hee.
Of the four, those remaining are Clause and Stilts (brothers with red Santa legs), and Goku who is sporting a new touch of grey in his mane of wild spikes. He is the best eater out of all four of the boys and has been for most of his life. In his elder stage he seems to have become even better at it than usual and also sleeps pretty well. Clause and Stilts, sadly are not as good eaters. Add to that fact that both of them sick in this picture with colds, (antigens), and it isn't looking great.
Stilts wouldn't eat no matter how much I coaxed him to 'push food'. He went into a sad spinning dance whenever he picked up a piece of food and looked like he would eat it, only to be caught up in another sneezing (or coughing) fit. His health soon dropped into exceedingly low numbers and I realised there wasn't much else I could do for him aside from try to keep him comfortable. Plenty of tickles and last ditch attempts at repeating 'push food' summed up his last moments. Unfortunately Goku also contracted the antigens but he was such a good eater I wasn't too worried. He eats even with other Norns around! He's just that good. Lol.

When Stilts finally closed his eyes for the last time, he was at least watched over by a friend and of course, a Hand that was missing him already. Goku did choose a strange moment to have a lick of honey but he stood by his pal's side nonetheless.

Things settled down again and I breathed a sigh of relief. Only to find a short time later that both Clause and Goku were sick again. Augh! Was this a different antigen or the same one as before? Either way, it was looking as grim for Clause as for his brother. Even Goku was suffering from a low health score despite the fact he still picked up bits of cheese and ate them here and there.

I seperated the two so I could look after each individually and hopefully get some food into them. Goku was no problem since he went straight to the cheese vendor and started munching bits down.

Clause on the other hand, ignored whatever food I brought to him and promptly fell into a feverish sleep.

Knowing it was probably a futile request, I prompted Clause to eat some of the food surrounding him multiple times. He just coughed, sneezed, did spinning dances and gave me the most heartbreaking sad face. Sometimes I felt like typing in Caps Lock. :( 'PUSH FOOD!' And crying...and pulling my nails know, the usual.

Yup, still trying... I'm sure that's the last word Clause ever heard as he slipped away under the quiet sea globe, looked upon by a single sea horse. Goodbye Clause, you and your brother will be heartfully missed. I hope you two are together now wherever you may be.

 Goku was the singular occupant of the island with both red legs brothers gone.This was too sad and lonely to watch, so I helped him navigate around Albia to find some more company - in the form of Cabbage the Grendel. Cabbage turned to the camera with a cute toothy smile, looking like he was happy to see his old friend. This was the first Norn Cabbage had ever met, after he hatched in the tree house, although back then, Goku was in a drunken snooze. Lol.
Goku held out a carrot, looking like he wanted to share. ^_^

Cabbage had not been alone in the garden though. Twinkie joined the two a short time later and everyone had a good time playing with the bouncy ball in the peaceful sunshine. Goku didn't seem to noticed those grey hairs...he acted as fit as the younger ones.

As you can see, Goku has lived to a nice age of 9 hours and 59 minutes. I was happy to see him doing so well, eating, playing and getting along beautifully. He flashed a big happy smile towards me and I had to take a pic! Cabbage meanwhile, curled up in a nearby lift and fell asleep. It was funny to watch, almost like their roles were reversed from when they first met.

At exactly 10:00 hours old, while I was tickling him and not one moment eldest Norn took a few steps then suddenly fell to the ground with a whimper, never to rise again. He had worn that bright smile right to the end. Cabbage held his pot of honey and looked on. He seemed a bit confused but stayed for a while, perhaps saying his goodbye.

With only one Norn left in the world, it was nearly time to bring in the females who were patiently waiting to be brought back. Twinkie looked happy as a lark, though, with his good pal Cabbage to play with. He started up a game of 'tag', playfully running away from the Grendel only to turn around and come back...then repeat. Cabbage stood and didn't know what to say. Maybe he'd never played 'tag' before. XD

Hey Cabbage, the world has been getting a bit empty lately. What are you going to do when I bring all the female Norns back in?
Ha ha! I don't know if I can blame him. Perhaps I should consider bringing in some female Grendels instead, now that I found the multiple Grendel button COB. :P
Twinkie gave me another scare by falling sick. What is it with the stupid antigens around here? They all decide to attack the weak. :( I laid out some cheese, hot chocolate and a few milkshakes, then proceeded to go through the process of nursing him back to health. Unfortunately, he somehow un-learned how to eat while he was ill and it was quite a battle to get him to put anything in his mouth.

Thankfully a good sleep and two pieces of cheese seemed to be enough for him to pull through. Twinkie made a full recovery so I let him back in the garden with Cabbage, who was overjoyed that he had his pal back, along with the Hand. ^_^

Soon they would have something new to worry about - the females were coming! Enjoy having Albia to yourselves while you can, guys. <3

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