Sunday, 11 November 2012

Things Can Only Get Better

And they are! Things are going great for all my horse norns this week. We finally have our first generation five female! I'll keep her name a secret for now, though you can be assured she's named after a sweet as well. Her name isn't milkshake or cocoa though, despite there being some helpful props for names scattered about. And it certainly isn't cheese!
It's not lemon, either. Lol. Little (insert name here) seems to have an adventurous spirit and without being taught a single word, she took the teleporter straight into the garden, where she discovered the lemon vine.

Lemon Vines must be an Albian specialty. I never even thought how strange this was until I read somewhere on another blog about the fact that, no, lemons actually do NOT grow on vines, they grow on trees. Perhaps the fact that a trellis full of vines that grow flying lemons has become completely natural to my mind because I've been playing Creatures so long. Who knows? I did used to believe that pineapples grow on trees. XD
Exporting the norn who is not named lemon before she could get into mischief, I went hovering round Albia to discover I was too late to save Pan from doing just that. She'd found the hootch cans in the cellar and was having a merry old time drinking every last one she got her paws on.

Normally the hootch cans are moved into the pond beneath the waterfall where no creatures can reach them. Only, this was a new world and I forgot., much to Pan's delight. Honestly, if I take my eyes off these norns for one second...I'm glad that it wasn't the deathcap mushroom instead.
Witness one of the happiest pregnant norns ever seen. Honey, being a cannibal by eating a jar full of her name, is expecting an egg from one of the red-legs brothers. I believe it is Clause (so says my notes, but these aren't always accurate. I get mixed up with Clause and Stilts - and everyone else looks the same!). The can of hootch on the ground was thankfully just the empty one that Goku left behind when he met Cabbage the Grendel. Honey had been a bit miserable for a while, having to grow up all over again. So it was nice to see this big grin.

Another expectant norn was pointed out to me in the Observation kit and I went to see Strawberry right in the middle of laying her egg. That funny looking thing behind her is actually a food source known as a mushroom log (or something). Generation five is getting a big boost in numbers.

Strawberry has her egg at last. She looks absolutely miserable about it! Lol. 

However, she remained in the area and did come back later, unprompted, to sit down by the egg when it was bigger. I took a screenshot but I accidentally saved the cropped out version that I pasted into paint, instead of the little sqaure version that had her with the egg. Duh. At least it wasnt a mistake with the world or COBs this time. ^_^
Crick and crack and...who do we have here? :D He popped out with a cute little smile, so I had to take a picture. His name fits the sugary theme I have going. Another boy, though a welcome addition. He almost took a trip on the raft with wheels before getting exported. 

With Strawberry's egg done hatching and her child safely on my hard drive somewhere, I went back to check on Honey's little gem. It looked a bit lost amongst all the apples and leaves.

Apparently, getting lost is a theme with this norn. Following the birth icon on my lower screen with a double-click led me to this. She's just hiding in the bushes. Yes, I'm glad to say it's another girl! Don't worry that there's no photos. I'm planning to introduce gen five later.

Right, now I am starting to build a really good stockpile of eggs. I'm beginning to think that it's almost too many. Large populations mean healthy norns, but my goodness, generation 3 was big enough. When everyone looks the same and you have lots of them running about...well, it turns into a bit of a circus. Lol.
Still, it was nice to see the father of an egg stay with his mate for a change. Harper, the sister of Stilts and Clause (the red-legged norns), has the banana norn legs, which is usually why she's easy to pick out from the others. Here with her is Twinkie, and of course, the little blue egg belongs to them.

They moved off a short way and kept talking not long after, leaving the egg in the jungle. So, maybe not the best parents after all. XD They do make a cute couple though. Here you can see Harper's legs a bit better too. It's possible that her child will also have them.

Harper eventually went her way into the garden to get a bite to eat and have some rest, after which emerged a very funny scene indeed. Twinkie stayed in the jungle, wandering the area where the egg was, probably just because there was food around and he was happy there. 
Stilts, one of the red legs brothers, came trotting along to socialise, (I presume) after a trip across the ocean on the little boat. Unfortunately Twinkie had very bad manners and started slapping him! It almost looks like he's telling Stilts "This is my egg!" Poor Stilts picked the wrong time to pay a visit.
But silly Twinkie walked off just when the egg hatched open and missed seeing his daughter. I had to laugh as I took a picture. One thing I learned about these games is if you play it long enough, there are plenty of moments that bring a smile about the silliness of Norns.
This makes about three girls so far if I'm not mistaken. Her name was inspired by the toy nearby. I wonder if anyone can guess? :D
Stilts must have gone back across the sea either by the submarine or the boat because when I went to check where he'd got to, I found him back on the island with his brother, Clause, and Goku, who'd been on the island for most of his life with Cabbage the grendel. (Who is downstairs in the cave with a honeypot. For some reason, he always takes it down stairs to eat after I've refilled it).

Sorry to be so repetitive. It's another photo of an egg and I'm running out of ways to say, 'this is blah with their egg'. Lol. However...
This is Pan with her egg. XD A good spot to lay an egg indeed. Plenty of food and toys.

I missed the hatching of this egg. Oh well. It was another female, adding up to a total of four. After her birth I decided that we have enough eggs now. There's 12 norns waiting in the export folder.

Exporting miss 'T', (bet you can't tell what I've named her), I swished back over to the island. What I found there was quite amusing. Cabbage was finally fully grown. He was also stuck in a very jammed lift with Stilts and Clause.  One can only imagine how squashed they must be.
It was uncertain how long they'd been in there yet it was nicely sorted out by pressing the green button to call the lift up. I am hoping this doesn't mean a glitchy world again.
A short time later, Cabbage left the island with his pal Goku and they met Twinkie in the garden. It was Cabbage's first time in the garden in his life, and he seemed a bit astonished at everything.

It was also Twinkie's first encounter with Cabbage, although, I taught him with the encyclopedia Nornica so his manners were sort of lacking. Cabbage ignored him and marched off towards the kitchen.

Only to come back a second later and join the silly norn in chasing butterflies. They looked a funny pair as they tried to reach the insects. It was nice to see new friends being made. I do wish that the butterflies could be picked up or pushed by creatures somehow.

Cabbage got a bit thirsty in the end and went to taste the coffee. He said "Cabbage bleh" after a few sips...which I'm not too hopeful about. I haven't taught him words, although he's picked some up from my norns.
A bouncy ball was apparently more appealing. :D Either that, or he's not sure what to do with half the norns suddenly gone.

Yes, I exported all my females as I have decided I don't need more eggs and apart from the ugly tomatoes I can't think of a way to make them infertile. For a while it's going to be all the males until they die of natural causes. I'll then let the females back into Albia and confuse him even more.

Until next time.

May all your Grendels get to try coffee.



  1. ...I still want a grendel on a coffee mug XD

  2. Haha, I'd never thought of the lemons not growing on trees. Actually if you look into the plant life there's a number of 'mistakes' in there. Trying looking up a boabab. They're definitely not herbs!

    So do pineapples grow? I can't believe I don't know that.

    Wouldn't worry too much about broken lifts leading to world crashes. It seems to happen when the player and the Norns disagree on which direction the lift should go in. Easily fixed and I haven't had any additional problems from it.

  3. @ Amaikokonut: Oh yeah, I loved Terra (Swampqueen)'s vector art! Wasn't that amazing?

    Ha ha, I still think they would look great on a white T-shirt. In fact, you could have a whole range of products with such wonderful art printed on. But I guess dreams are free. XD

    @ ArchDragon: Me neither. I can't remember whose blog I read about it on but they opened my eyes, that's for sure. Shows us a little insight about our dear friends, the Shee. XD

    Pineapples grow in the ground from rather spiky plants. If you do a Google image search you can see what they look like. One of my favourite sayings is 'he/I/she got the rough end of the pineapple'. Lol.

    Thanks for the tip about the broken lifts. When one glitch happens it usually means more will follow, so I was hoping this lift wouldn't be a harbinger of DOOM. Ahaha!