Friday, 24 August 2012

Creatures Challenges

Today I am not up to much. I have a long list of things to do and I'm slowly working my way through them. My head is spinning so I'm trying to take it easy.

I did, however, come up with a small list of challenges or strategies for playing C3/DS worlds when I eventually get to start that on this Blog.

Inspired by Discover Albia's magical whirlwind paced challenge, I thought that it might be interesting to try making a challenge or goal as well. Something to add a little more flavour and give my Norns and world some story elements. Otherwise I think it'll get boring. It's very easy to breed C3/DS Norns. Making challenges makes it more fun.

I don't think I'm able to handle the pace of what goes in on in Jessica's blog, though. x.x I'd be drowning in Norn eggs and my Norns would take over. Lol.

Instead, I toyed with some ideas and although they probably aren't that exciting or that well planned out, I did have one that I liked in particular. I'm sure they have all been done before in some way or another but I am going to try and put a unique spin on the way I document them. I wonder if anyone would be interested in any of these? If you have any suggestions for improvement I would be happy to hear them. Here they are:

#1. Natural Selection: (This is my favourite idea so far...the others are still really bare)

·       Set up a number of habitats with varying conditions and challenges in place. If you have the Shee Starship, there should be at least four to start out with. The bridge, the splicing area and the medical area could also be used. Add and customise metarooms if desired.

·        Place a pair or group of Norns in each type of environment.

·       Keep the populations carefully controlled and prevent crowding by keeping them separated. Have a selective breeding system in place. For instance, only those who pass a specific survival test or are thriving in their surroundings should be allowed to breed.
 ·   Put the boys and girls together and the first couple to bear eggs is the King and Queen. (If using feline types, the Tom and Queen). All lower ranking females under the Queen are referred to as her Claws. All lower ranking males under the King are referred to as his Fangs. Fathers are called Sires and mothers are called Dams. Litters are between 2 - 4 and the babies are called kittens. After the first litter from the Tom and Queen, seperate them again to prevent being overun.To choose the next Tom and Queen, allow the Fangs and Claws to compete in the test again, only this time, the winners are to be put in with the first litter of children. Put the females of the Tom and Queen - the 'Princesses' in with the triumphant Fangs. In a seperate area, put the Princes in with the triumphant Claws. The first pair to become eggbound is to be the new King and Queen. Everyone is seperated again. Norns who do not pass the selection tests are placed in another room or world, (females together and males together, so they can't breed). Here they can happily live out their lives with Norns from other terrariums. This will be the breeding program for each group in each habitat.
·       Make sure to use one breed type only. For instance, they can have different appearances or ‘skins’ so long as it’s all the same breed i.e. CFE, or ChiChi, or the Norns that come with the C3 game – Bruin, Civet & Bengal. To limit being buried in eggs, monitor breeding carefully and perhaps use conservative breeders.          

·       Set challenges for each environment and make sure each stands out from the others. It may be a good idea to adjust the controls for the temperature and humidity settings gradually rather than start off with the most extreme. If in extreme conditions, such as the snowy metarooms, provide ways to get warm via heat pads. Or something to get cool in the desert, such as a sprinkler. Starting out in extremes is not recommended.

·       To make things more challenging, use a delicate breed type, such as the Strawberry Norns. You could also include Grendels in the jungle and Ettins in the desert, which come with their own challenges for the Norns.

·       Monitor changes in each group; colour, behaviours, intelligence, instincts, personality, breeding and so on.

·        Keep selectively breeding through the generations (perhaps about 10 or 20) until the Norns in each group are distinct from the others in each other habitat. The goal of this challenge is to see whether the creatures are affected by their environment and their genes respond via natural selection. This could also work on the Ettins and Grendels, or splices. The reason the tests are in place is so that the strongest and most capable of thriving are the ones passing on their genes.

·       Share your new breeds of Norns with others! Or come up with fresh challenges for them.

#2. Overrun By Grendels:

·       Have a small population of Norns living in a tiny area. To make this challenge more difficult, use conservative breeders or fragile Norns. Make it challenging to get to resources.
·       Have a lot of Grendels living in the ship. They can be different breeds – tough types, aquatic types, even gentle types. Make sure there are plenty!

·      Try to teach the Norns how to fight and survive. See if they can get along with the gentler types and fend off the ones that attack. If using Hardman Norns, it may be advisable to only use tough and violent Grendel breeds.

·       The goal here is to have intelligent creatures that can coexist in a ship or world overun by Grendels and successfully form a small clowder (or tribe/clan/group...). It's also supposed to make some fun, dramatic and interesting stories.

#3. Gadget Lovers: (this idea is really bare bones! I need to come up with some more fun things to toss in)

·       Raise some Neko and Poodle Ettins together and have them both try to get along in the Desert Terrarium, sharing their machinery, food and space.  

·       Don’t let the two breeds mix together. It's kind of meant to be like tribe wars.
·       Whoever gathers the most machinery is chosen to be the GearHead (leader/alpha etc.), or maybe whoever gets through an obstacle course first and grabs the gadget or machinery first, then brings it back successfully is the GearHead. The ClockWork (Queen, leader...) is chosen by first female to get the first gadget or piece of machinery when it's the females' turn. 
     The tribe to have the most machinery and gadgets is the one that is allowed to increase numbers, thus claiming more territory. After 10 generations, the biggest tribe is the winner.


  1. I really like the idea behind of each of these challenges, SpringRain! C3/DS was really difficult for me to get into initially. Having a world set up like a C1 world just didn't feel as right to me: I never got very attached, and it seemed like I needed a more structured way to have fun. Sounds odd, but it worked! I think any of these would work: I would almost encourage something along the lines of the gadget lovers challenge because it seems so unique and different. I would still be interested in reading about any of these, though! Good luck setting them up!

  2. Thank you very much for your feedback. As always it's much appreciated. =^_^=

    Yes, I had a similar sort of problem. Although I do enjoy taking care of my Norns in C3/DS and just breeding through generations, it seems very easy and I thought I wouldn't have much to tell about. Creatures 1 Norns seem to have a charm of their own. Lol.

    Hmm, maybe I should make a poll and have votes for which one people would most like to read.