Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Second Generation in Albia

Let's see what SprinRain has done to screw up her game now, shall we? I'm sure this is a question some of us might well be thinking.

And if you weren't thinking that - you're about to find out anyway.

First, however, I shall share these last pictures that I managed to salvage from before things went pear-shaped.

Here on the island you can see Marlika and her father Aurn soaking up some sun with my friendly Grendel, (whose name I have forgotten - bad SpringRain!). Could it be that Marlika was really stressed throughout her life to become an elder so soon? Or maybe it's that Aurn can't age. I don't really know. His son Chocolate didn't show any signs of age either.

I didn't think to check their stress levels in the science kit, though I'm fairly content to let nature take its course as long as my elderly Norns are still happy and healthy. I'm not sure there's a lot one can do to reduce the stress of some Norns. XD Apart from separating them and making sure they have peaceful time to themselves, which I already do as much as possible. This is a nice piccy to have as a memento of them. :3

Chrissie decided to join in the silver haired gals as well. She is pretty easy to tell apart with her dark colouing. Still, for a second I didn't know who it was! She enjoyed staying close to the warm fire in the kitchen and from there I couldn't get her to move. It reminded me of the way a cat or a dog likes to stretch out by the fireside. I did inject a fan CoB to cool my creatures down. Sometimes when they play with the oven CoB which comes with a fire, they get too hot very quickly.

Sadly, those are the only two pics I had of my previous generation, the former one being of Dawn's final egg that never got to hatch. I made a log of it. This is why:


I had to start a new world again…multiple times. D: Did I tell you before that I’m stubborn? Well, thinking you can get away with things is a whole different story to actually getting away with them. I just HAD to go and use the Super Speech toy to try and teach all my new Norns in one go didn't I? Even though I was previously forewarned about its one tiny glitch.
Stupid idea, SpringRain. What happened, you ask? 

I imported all the new foals into my current world after exporting all the elders and adults to give me a bit of space. I then started teaching them, hoping I would avoid the dreaded 'Speech Toy Error'. If only I was quick enough like with my gen. 1 Norns, it would have no chance to freeze on me.
I've never been all that lucky with games of chance though. The game decided to auto-save just when my Nornlet, Crimson, pushes the speech toy... Nooooo!
Everything froze and the error message re; ‘Small Furry Creatures has stopped working…’ popped up on the screen. The world was unable to be restored, leaving me with a blank white page that had nothing in it, or when I finally did get it to work, a very scrambled looking Pommes. She looked like a couple of postage stamps that had been through a very fine shredder and were moving around (somehow).  And the elders whom I had exported were also lost, as well as Dawn’s last egg. Needless to say, I was hitting myself over the head with a baseball bat…metaphorically, that is.

I admit that when starting the new world again I did attempt to use the speech toy AGAIN…with very much the same results while teaching my second Norn to be imported (Crimson. I import them in order of who was born first to who was born last). Some people have to learn some things the hard way... I must be one of them. XP

Despite my stubborn streak, or maybe because of it, we are now back to normal (after I created new worlds multiple times to see how many CoBs I could use in the world at once without one of them crashing the game. This was for a change, not more foolishness on my part but a precautionary measure with SweetHeart the Norn as my helper.) The donut vendor caused it to crash one time when I had finally imported everyone and thought we were safe, but after a couple more restarts and the switch to using the NON German version of the Encyclopedia Nornica, we are all fine and dandy!  Hooray!
Everynorn from the second generation has been growing up as they should, with some interesting pics to show and things to tell. So without further ado, here they are:

As the first to be hatched in the previous Albia, I imported Pommes first into the clean new world and taught her all of her words. She took a particular interest in the strained carrots and followed me around everywhere seeking out tickles. Once she was eating well and had headed right into the garden on her merry way, it was time to bring in the second fellow.

Yes, fellow. From here on out, all the other Norns are going to be males. That was the last female you are going to see for a while. =^_^= (Apart from Bellis, whom I will bring in later. She's older than all these little spring foals though, so I'll wait 'till they are around the same age as her before leading her in).
This is our next charming creature. He looks like an adult since he popped out like this from his egg, beard and all! But he is a baby in the body of a grown-up so I needed to teach him just like all my other pint sized cuties. His Santa Norn features hopefully won't be a problem as I've installed the '97 version of them now. I'm not sure if I'll let him have any offspring but that's an issue best left until a later time and place.
Crimson whizzed through his words using the Encyclopedia Nornica and he must have developed a taste for learning because he then travelled up the lift to play with the computer. After emptying the honey pot, he travelled back down and discovered a CoB which I have quite a fondness for...tasty pink lemonade! It always makes me thirsty watching my Norns drink this. I wish I had one of these machines.

The next two I have to show off might make you laugh. With my idea to name a few Norns after things or characters that I like, we ended up with a very fitting pair. I imported them and taught them together with relatively few problems, although I did have to seperate them for a while to teach them what food was and how to eat it. If you haven't guessed by now, can't remember, didn't read the previous blog post or simply don't care - this is Sam and Frodo; quite the adorable pair! :D Would it surprise you if they end up being the best of friends?

Me neither. =^w^=
Last but not least, we have Wiff! He has the interesting reddish hue similar to Marlika, though it probably makes sense because they do share the same mother (Dawn). I just love watching a new baby crawling around the world. They're so cute and stumbly! Hehehe. Oh yeah - see that thing next to the P.L. vendor? That's the fan I mentioned earlier that keeps my Norns nice and cool.

Frodo and Sam do seem to be friends but they don't stay together all the time. Frodo went exploring as all young Norns like to after they are free from their lessons. Eventually he met up with Pommes back in the garden...but he didn't seem all that happy. Poor Pommes. Lol. 

If your'e sneezing from all the Norn fur then a scaly hide will be somewhat refreshing. Meet my gorgeous Grendel who I will never forget the name of, ever, due it's sheer memorabilty.

This is...

...Oh, seems he's sending me a message! Looks like we won't be revealing his name till a bit later. He's the mysterious type. (Hehe, not really...)

Frodo admiring the wildlife. I have a couple of butterflies that brighten up the world and make for sweet moments like this. <3 My Norns try to catch them when they notice them, except they can never reach them. It would probably be bad if they could. If Norns are akin to two year old humans...well, I'm sure I know how that's going to end up. XD

Crimson meanwhile, has gone as far as the island before coming back to the apple tree (the Grendel Treehouse) to crunch on some of the sweet fruits. He really likes to explore. It wasn't until I saw him here against the sort of dark background that I realised he has Horse/Chocolate Norn arms. They are dark because Chrissie and Aurn have dark coats.

He looked a bit bored and lonely so I brought in the bouncy ball and we played for a while. I secretly inspected those arms wondering how I had missed them before.

I then floated off to spend some time playing with Sam, who is also a big sweetie. He was reaching up to try to get the Hand and it was a good pic opportunity. You can really see his Mother's Banana Norn legs clearly here. They don't look bad with his other features though, and add a bit of interest to his appearance. Plus, he makes it easy to tell him apart from the other Norns.

Whoa, Crimson must have reindeer somewhere in him because he certainly gallops around Albia. :D He's got an illness from exploring here and there though. Sadly, not fast enough to escape the nasty antigen 0. :( But we have plenty of bananas to feed him so he's making a nice recovery. I was thinking about this as I took this screenshot: is there a way give your Norns in C1 a little vaccine or something by injecting them or exposing them to a tiny amount of each antigen? Do Norns' immune systems overcome things faster if they caught it once already? Just something I pondered about. Maybe someone has already made this kind of CoB. Only, I have just a handful of Norns here and were they all to get sick at one time, my goal of reaching a higher generation with them would be ended.

Crimson is not the only creature at the lookout for long. He's soon joined by Frodo who has a lovely time annoying the pet fish, eating bananas and playing with his Norn doll. Just look at that happy face! >w< I kept Crimson up the top floor until he was well again.

Crimson of course, chose to head off on his merry way (ho ho ho! XD) and completely bypass Frodo and his dolly. Yet this dark chocolate cutie wasn't alone for long either because...he was met up with Sam, who had decided to join in the other adventurous young males and wander about Albia. These two were sooo cute together with lots of nuzzling and tickles and barely a slap. <3

Where has Wiff got to in all of this? He's travelled over to the island to meet with - yes, you got it right there in front of your eyes - my Grendel's name is Fluffbum. :D Don't you love him? Apparently it's time for his nap.

Wiff and Fluffbum spent some time together playing with their choo choo train and nomming strawberries and the occasional gift of pink lemonade. (Is pink lemonade strawberry flavoured as well?) Before they were joined by an inquisitive chocolate Norn whose name starts with F. I'm so pleased at how much love my Norns have to share with one another. It's all 'push Norn' and 'Pull Norn' with no 'hit Norn' or 'Run Norn'

Then again they are still young and there's only ONE female. This cuddly snuggly stuff might change later.

Ta da! Wiff is joined by Crimson some time later after Frodo had wandered off again. Crimson had left Frodo with Sam (again) back at the lighthouse/lookout area where the 'bang!' (cannon) resides. I love asking them to push that thing. Some of them love it and others go running away in the opposite direction. that actually a scary toy?

Fluffbum then deserts Wiff to join Sam eventually, honest with his intentions of being friends too!

Unfortunately, Frodo and Sam don't seem to notice him stright away, so he grabs a banana for comfort and comes to chat with me a while. <3 Hehe. Our conversation mostly consists of 'push food' and 'yes' or 'push toy' and 'yes' but that seems to be enough to bring a big happy smile to his goofy green face.

A couple of hours spent on the island soon sees Crimson travelling again (like the *mushi master...always travelling...) *This is off an anime and manga series which I also love called Mushi-Shi. ...Google is your friend! ^w^

Aw cripes! The sickness fairy must be flying around sprinkling antigens everywhere today. Come on Frodo, you can beat it!


Sam grew up into a super handsome boy. I thought he might look strange with the legs when he got older but that is very much...not so. He has a pretty honey hue from Arri's Banana legs that I guess I won't mind having shared around generation 3. Frodo wasn't far off aging up to an adult either (remember their Mums' competition? XD) and soon caught up to his slightly older friend.

Anyway, Wiff gets itchy paws and ends up joining my boys at the lighthouse, where he gets welcomed nuzzles from Frodo, who has grown up into a handsome adult. His dark colouring is a really pretty contrast next to Wiff's red fur.

Yet Sam has me worried. He's somehow caught an illness and so I try to isolate him from the others and feed him honey. A nice sleep is just what the doctor ordered to help kick that anti in the gen! XD Crimson is sick again. Antigen 0 makes it's comeback. Never fear though, SpringRain is here. (Or maybe that IS reason to fear. :<)

Ahaha! Fluffbum! He never fails to make me laugh. He's like a little kid and so easy to please. I think he's running around with the right crowd of Norns too. They've never been mean to him and play with him just like everynorn else. He's like a big overgrown puppy. Here, we witness Fluffbum's discovery of the shower.

Frodo taking a nap under the gentle humming of the honeybees. ArchDragon did ask me about the Safe Bees and Hives CoB. I want to point out where it can be found for download because it is really useful and stops the bees from stinging your Norns. Unfortunately, it was one I downloaded quite a while ago and had saved on my hard drive. I am not sure where I got this. It may have come in one of Cyberlife's packs. I also have one that is an upgrade that makes the hives give honey when they are pushed by a Norn. 

Everyone has been growing up nicely. After his snooze, Frodo is met by Sam and Crimson, who now doesn't look out of place in his adult form amongst the others.

Though, I feel kinda guilty for forgetting all about Pommes! I haven't taken many pictures of her growing up because she has grown up to be a terribly fussy creature who won't eat most of the time and always has a frowny face. I haven't found too many chances to get nice pics of her.

However things are considerably cheery over at the beehives when Bellis is imported into the world and quickly joins the couple of males and Fluffbum. It's a party and everyone's invited. That's kinda how it looks anyway. I thought this was the perfect time to introduce Bellis and let her have some fun.

 Don't they make a happy bunch? Hopefully I can hear some kisspops and the patter of little paws in the days to come. <3

With two females however, we only have potentially one as a breeder, as it looks as though Pommes may not only not age up to adult since she is still a teenager right now and appears to be infertile as well, but I'm also not sure how many prospective daddies we have. Wiff is still at teen stage too, although he's good at taking care of himself by eating and playing.

So, unless Bellis hopes to be everyNorn's favourite...maybe I should bring in some Norns with the genetics kit. But we will see.

Until next time. May your supply of eggs stay within proportions.




  1. Oh geeze...I just noticed something that has me giggling. I'm not going to come out and say anything too plainly because we have all ages of readers...

    Okay, so, in one of the pictures, I did not strategically place that banana there. Okay?! I just happened to notice that right now and my mind just is being a bit naughty...well, they are horses so I guess it makes sense but...okay I'll stop now! >///> Lol. Sheesh! It was such a sweet moment. Stupid banana.

  2. Wow, another big update! I'm glad you got your world working again: I've had a couple of blunders in the past, and I think it's something that's required to enjoy Creatures to the fullest. Ha ha! I try to stay away from too many COBs in my worlds, although it's hard to resist using lots of them. What does the Safe Bees and Hive COB do? I know there was an official release like this, as well as a few third-party releases that did a couple of different things.

    Quick note about the Santa Norns: Crimson is using the '96 Santa Norn sprites, which occupy a different breed slot than the '97 Santa Norn. Let me know if you need a link to download them: I should have that written down somewhere!

    And to keep this rather short, the Creatures "immune system" is far from anything remotely realistic. Muppetboy's Yin Yang Norns had an updated selection of antibody/antigen reactions that were a lot closer to an actual immune system. Creatures can't actually build up immunities with the standard set of genes, although there might be a way to do so with some genetic engineering! I also took a look at a descendant of a Yin Yang Norn, Dee, in a Discover Albia Case Study.

    Hopefully Bellis will become a mother soon! Good luck!

  3. Yes! I played for several hours straight to catch up after losing my worlds so many times. :3 I can hardly wait to see the next generation of babies - it's going to get more interesting!

    Yeah...I seem to have CoB addiction. Lol. One is never enough. I get carried away.

    Oh darn. I installed the Christmas '97 pack but maybe that doesn't have the '97 Santa Norns in it? I thought it did. Or does that not overwrite Crimson's current appearance? Please forgive my ignorance. ^.^; I may need the link after all.

    Oh my. I see. I thought they were a bit more complicated than that but that's okay. They're still cute and fun. Ooh...Yin Yang Norns! They sound really cool. :D I wish I knew more about creatures genetics but all those symbols just look like ajkbfhjbsjfbjhsbh to me right now. Ehehe...