Thursday, 16 August 2012

From Three to Five to Six to Seven to...

Back again with another update and all from just a few hours spent with my Creatures. Thanks to the Mugug fruit, generation four practically popped out like mushrooms in the rainy seaason! ^_^ So far there's only been one awful glitch and two mild ones, which is very nice from the usual. I'd better stick with gen. 3 for now though, since they have their own merits and stories to share.

The awful one involved the observation kit messing up when I set it to display box alerts whenever an event happened. The first event showed that a Norn was pregnant and a box popped up, yet the currently selected Norn at the time, Lily, disappeared completely when the kit shut down unexpectedly. She just vanished into thin air! I tried to import her, thinking I may have clicked the export button accidentally when trying to right-click her, but I couldn't find her anywhere. I imported the Norn in her baby stage and also named her Lily, so we have two Lily's in the world. The first pics show Lily the 1st and the later pics show Lily the 2nd.

I now have a full list of names in my Observation Kit, (Lily the last one on the bottom and completes the list).

Now, because these Norns all look alike apart from the different colours, I am going to get very confused trying to put pictures in the correct order. I need to find a better way to label them. I'll try to explain what happened in the right series but please forgive me if I get something wrong.

This is everynorn together in the garden but they're all mixed in so I can't tell who is who. Augh. Someone's eating a weed and I seem to have lost one...

Oh, there she is! This is Meriadoc, three guesses where her name comes from. I call her Merry for short. Hee hee!

A few of them think that running away would be the best idea!

Naturally, everyone is a bit crowded after being imported. Most of them like to stay together in the garden. Some of them decide that they need their space after a while though. I'm trying to seperate these Norns and get them to split up around Albia but it has to be one of the trickiest parts of the game. Norns love each other's company.

Lily meanwhile, had aged into a child with some of the others and decided she was feeling so hungry after that growth spurt she would try to eat her own dear Mummy. Lucky for me the Hand is inedible.

Angelette meanwhile, thinks there are more interesting places to explore and things to nibble. She enjoyed tasting the herbs and weeds in the garden bridge area.

I get them thinned out eventually, mostly by getting them to follow the hand with a tickle or two, otherwise luring with toys works pretty well.

Here are Lily (up near the computer), Merry down by the fan and Lancelot in the middle. Try to remember them by colours if you can. I only know because of how I labelled the saved screenshot. XP. Oh, and Merry is saying her name. Thanks Merry!

Arabic is the boy down the bottom and Aidan is the one up the top. The boys are easier to tell apart because there are only three and each is a different colour.

You may think it's kind of weird that I have a female named Lancelot. The way that happened is when I was going through the list and naming them, I thought I had selected one of the boys. To prove just how womanly she is, here's a little snippet:

She's a Mama! :) And she's well on her way through the pregnancy. Only girls can become pregnant in Creatures 1 that I know of, so this is some positive evidence. I could have just changed her name I suppose but she was already saying her own name and I felt mean changing it once she and everyone else was used to it.

Here they are with their egg. But I think Chip is much more interested in me. Oh dear.

Where is everyone else? On the island having a ball. Well, the ball is on the island somewhere... ._. We just can't find it among all the Norns.

Lily was smart enough to hide out in the underwater dome with Fluffbum. He's still alive and kicking. Er..kissing. ^_^ He's a sweet Grendel, though he has started to go a bit senile and will spend lots of time standing in one spot not moving, occasionally forgetting to eat. He perks up again when he gets company.

Aidan and Riding met up by the beehives once they were fully grown and were soon expecting an egg of their own. Hey, it rhymes!

Riding has to look forward to her first egg. I'll be exporting the baby once they hatch, but this time I am naming them first, because it's less confusing to tell apart. XD Ahaha!

Computer Chip, I mean...Chip, is enjoying the learning computer. I'm not too sure how Norns 'stop' objects or other Norns in the world around them actually. Does it mean that they want something to stop or is it a command? Maybe it means 'stop what you're doing'. I never tell them 'stop'. I wonder if they would listen if they were slapping another Norn.

Aidan with Honey. I have to admit that Chip and Aidan do look similar in colour. I thought one of them was darker than the other but here it's kinda hard to tell. ._. Hmm...I don't think Ai is worried, do you? =^_^=

Fluffbum has moved from his underwater cave to get some fresh air and sunshine. And maybe a break from staring at the infuriatingly out-of-reach seahorse. Merry is simply sleeping, Fluffbum would never hurt her. He's a gentle creature. Probably he just wants to play with the ball and someone to cuddle up with!

He shares himself around Albia and winds up spending some time with Lance, who is all too happy to have some attention after laying her second (or is it the third?) egg. It's kind of cute to see one with a Norn egg and one with a Norn doll. Norns sure are popular around here. Maybe I should inject a Grendel doll for everyone. We never seem to have enough toys.

Arabic the red horse Norn has meandered his way onto the island for a little break from the world. He should be able to get cosy with some Noodles inna Pot and curl up in the warm sand somewhere. If there was any sand that is. Too bad it's only in the background. It looks very inviting.

All that talk of warm islands and pot noodles has made me really sleepy so I'm going to end this post here for now. To be continued on the next post! Hopefully my writing will be less boring then, too.

Onwards and forwards...

SpringRain xoxo

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