Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Smooth Runnings: Part II

After a brief interlude, the second part of the post continues here.

Sometimes you have to bite the Grendel and get on with it...or so Lily demonstrates. I think it's a glitch with the toy because she said 'push toy' but she ended up trying to eat it. It kind of looks like she's kissing the Grendel too. Such a cute little toy! Originally when I saw it, I thought to download it for Fluffbum, so he could have another Grendel to play with. =^w^=

Aribic is speechless with happiness at the addition of the new lemon vendor! He turned to the screen and gave me a great big beaming smile. This vendor has been Arabic approved. :D Now we have a healthy food alternative to cup noodles.

My Creatures might be preparing to form their own travelling circus troupe with all the antics they're getting up to lately. Lancelot took such a liking to our new pet budgie that she grabbed the whole cage and went to sleep with it. It must have been very uncomfortable with her arm stuck through the wires like that. I felt sorry for the poor budgie. Somehow I don't think Norns make the best pet keepers.

Lance was hiding a happy secret at the time this picture was taken. She wandered back over to her partner Aidan just in time to lay their egg...right in front of the Twinkie vendor. Oh my! I wonder if the first thing this Norn is going to eat when they hatch will be a Twinkie. This gave me an idea for a name.

(Incidentally, I've never tried them. The movie Zombieland convinces me that they are rather delicious. XD)  Those crawly things on the ground beneath Aidan are Subter Grubs in case anyone was wondering. They crawl around in the cellar and I believe are edible.

Lance was not the only one with an egg. Lily and Arabic got to greet their newest egg shortly after. I hadn't been keeping an eye on her name in the observation kit because Lily appears right at the bottom of the screen, thus is out of view most of the time unless I scroll down to glance at her stats. This pregnancy was a surprise indeed. But not a complete surprise...Arabic and Lily are inseperable! Ahaha.
Though Arabic seems to have some cheeky ideas about what to do with that undersea cart, he won't stay away too long. He always finds a way to return to his Lily fair. 

 Lily tries to trick everyone that she could fit into that eggshell. I don't quite buy it Missy! It's a good trick but Crimson is the only one to pull off a feat like that so far.

Crawling away to the left, almost blending in with the strawberries is the real previous occpant of that stripy shell. Another girl...let's call her Strawberry. <3

Mischief is afoot throughout the land! Showing me another circus trick, Lancelot peeks at me from behind the wooden beam, playing hide n' seek as she wonders if anyone can see her.
Alright...I'll play along. ...Oh my goodness, where can Lance be?! :O
Fluffbum, meanwhile, tries to give everyone a scare by pretending to die! Never fear, this Grendel is a master performer. He's only hiding his sleeping 'Zs' from view behind the rock with the flower. I give that a ten out of ten. Applause for Fluffbum!! *clap clap clap*

Sadly, Riding is not hiding her 'Zs' in the cup of pot noodles.
No...much to my shock and dismay, her time had come around at only 6 hours and 27 minutes old. 
It was so early and so utterly unexpected. Up until now, I had been exporting each generation as they aged, in order to import their children. Riding passed into the big blue cyberspace beyond with a huge smile on her face and a full tummy before I could do that. She had a wonderful vacation playing with her comical crayfish toy and the carrot and noodle vendors, having lots of tickles from the hand in between. It was sad to lose such a wonderful Norn. Still, I was glad that she hadn't suffered and had slipped away peacefully. She had given a hint of hope before she left this world.
Before now, even though I had let my creatures age to elders, I had suspected each and every one of them to lack the gene for aging. Riding had displayed that maybe this was not quite so. Not only that, we have some of her children to see whether this theory is true. I much prefer to let my Creatures live out their full lives and die of natural causes than to send them to a file in a folder. Because of this one Norn, things might be about to change.

A list of the generation 3 creatures...and proof that Riding has passed to the world beyond. She was so very young! Maybe it is actually a mutation that caused her early passing. I will have to crack open the genetics kit and try to find out.

With the passing of Riding in mind, I shall leave this post with a tiny sneak preview of something happy. Here are all the generation 4 babies in my saved back up folder. Continuing the circus theme, there are some pretty funny names in there...Oh, I can't wait to introduce them to you!

Some of these are Riding's children...I'll have to look at their birth certificates to see which ones. That's another wee project I have in the sidelines. A Creatures Family tree! With 100 generations to get to, it's going to be useful to be able to trace them back to the beginning and see where the branches spread out to.

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  1. Ha! Zombieland. That movie makes me smile. Sadly I don't think it did too well at the box office and I doubt they'll make any more any time soon.

    So sad to hear of Riding's passing. Having helped name her she was one of my favourites.

    She did seem to pass quite young. Most of my Norns pass around the 9 hour mark. But she did get silver hair fairly early on, so I'd say her genetics have been tweaked for shorter generations.

    The other possibilities is the number of eggs she layed. The pregnancy process increases stress, which in turn reduces the 'life' chemical. From memory Riding did have quite a few children.

  2. Hi ArchDragon, thank you for continuing to follow along with my wee Blog.

    Lol. Yeah, that movie is a favourite around here. So many macabre mingled with funny scenes. Like the lady enjoying her 'man-wich'...Hee hee. This movie is how I first learned of Twinkies. Lol. Ever since, I've wondered what they taste like. XD

    I'm sorry that she passed away so young, too. =<;_;>= It was really a cold shock to me too. One minute she was happily eating and playing; the next I saw a death notice. She wasn't sick...maybe it was caused by stress. I just don't know.

    I finally got the genetics kit and D-DNA analyser working so I'll be looking at some genomes in the next few posts. Maybe we can detect something that would shed more insight onto Riding's quick exit. Or pick out some mutations in the gen 4's. I might be a bit slow at first though...I've never looked into their genes before.

    Riding is missed in Albia. I am pleased we will have some little ones to remember her by. Thanks for your comments. I will keep in mind that pregnancies cause a Norn to be under stress. I wasn't aware how much of an effect this could have on their lifespan.

    For generation four, we have an even match of 7 boys and 7 girls and I'm going to be playing things a bit differently than the previous gens. :)