Monday, 20 August 2012

Smooth Runnings

Here I am back again with more news of the daily lives and happenings in my Creatures 1 world. Things are running so smoothly right now, even after I took the liberty of injecting more toy CoBs since I felt there was a shortage of fun items to play with. My Norns are entertained, I'm entertained by my Norns and my gorgeous Grendel, Fluffbum, is hobnobbing with us all. :D

Now, even though I have had a steady supply of eggs and hatchlings which means lots of baby Norns for generation four, I thought it was not quite time to send these adults to the export folder. They still had plenty of life left in them at around 5 or 6 hours old. Although eager to meet their children, I wanted to leave them free to roam Albia for several hours longer. With my goal to reach generation 100 with these guys I am tempted to hurry things along sometimes.

However, I realised I was starting to get attached to them more than anticipated. I couldn't hit that export button! Lol. Part of the reason I like Creatures so much is because of being able to watch them grow, learn and see all the little things they do. I wasn't ready to end their stories yet. I got my act together so all pictures will now be labelled correctly and in the right order. Off we trot!

I was glad to see that Angelette had at last left her spot on the island to roam through the jungle and over to the temple area. Here, she met Merry, who had been enjoying her life of solitude, eating as much as she wanted and finding ways to keep herself occupied.

Merry wasn't too pleased with the extra company. When Angelette continued to follow her, she hugged her toy ball to herself protectively, making a run for it! She struck a very strange pose as she ran away, leaning so far forwards it was a wonder her nose didn't brush the ground.

It was a good thing for poor Angelette though, who seemed to think this was a game and chased after Merry all the more. For hours, the darker furrred Norn had been walking back and forth on the island, riding lifts and repeating "Angelette food" or "Angelette tired" over and over.

Much to my dismay, she seemed to have forgotten how to eat, sleep or do anything else to satisfy her needs. She liked the other Norns who visited despite the fact that they only served to distract her further. I believe she has yet to put any food in her mouth, though she does pick things up from time to time and when prompted to push food she will stop to look at it for a second or so. I don't know what I can do for her...This journey at least gives her a change of scenery.

I'm not sure whether it's because of her relation to the Night Norns but Angelette soon took to not only following Meriadoc about, but started slapping her as well! She then turned to the camera and gave a sad little frown. Merry might not have liked the slapping but I couldn't punish Ange with that face. Poor Angelette was in enough misery. Hopefully they would sort themselves out. I secretly wished Merry would find a way to escape for a bit though. Maybe if Angelette could be on her own for a while, she would find a way to eat some food.

Merry must have heard my thoughts because not long afterwards she broke out into a run and high tailed it out of there, still clutching her toy ball for dear life. Clearly she wasn't too impressed with her new tag-along. She headed down the lift to the underground part of the temple where a tasty log of mushrooms was growing and snacked to her heart's delight (yes, I have CoB addiction, I need to join CoBaholics Anonymous). Angelette meanwhile, walked away back into the jungle where there was plenty of food scattered around.

Merry wasn't the only one who had found a nice escape. Riding was living it up in a tropical paradise between the palm trees. She had all the food she wanted, a boombox for some summer tunes, and a funny crayfish toy. A few tickles from me brought a beaming smile to her face. I was happy to see her doing so well.

Arabic and Lily were not taking a vacation just yet, though! I have found these two Norns to be inseparable. No matter how many times I try to get Arabic to travel away from her (because we already have lots of babies!), he always finds a way to come back to Lily.

I eventually stopped trying to part them when I saw how well they ate and slept while together and how much they liked each other's company. Out of all my Norns, this has to be one of the most dedicated pair I have ever seen. They looked peaceful while they slumbered but what had worn them out in the first place? An egg was on its way! Lily has now had almost as many eggs as Riding. She doesn't seem to want to stop anytime soon though. Arabic must be her number one Norn. =^__^=

The egg appeared at last and Lily stood for a while, staring at the small green oval, trying to push egg or pull egg before her hunger prompted her to go after the strawberries. This time was without prompting from me, which I was very pleased about. Maybe I taught her to do this from telling her to look at each of her previous eggs, or maybe she was just being curious.

Someone else was curious to meet Lily, though! Tiny Eclaire stood and looked up at her mother, sharing tickles and nuzzles before she was whisked away into a file. She would make her entrance back into Albia at a later time with the other youngsters but for now, I allowed them a few precious moments together. Perhaps Lily would have some memories of her daughter, and maybe Eclaire would remember her first encounter with another Norn as a pleasant experience.

...I'll end it here for now because I have to start work. To be continued...

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