Monday, 13 August 2012

Spring Foals

Sorry for the delay in making another post. Due to real life goings on, I haven't found time to sit and play with my Norns lately. I'm back now though and it's time for an update! I've had my Hand(s) full with lots of baby Norns from the generation 2 Norns.

It looked as though my gen. 2 Norns were not going to die of old age anytime soon, despite some of them becoming elders, so although wishing things could be otherwise, I chose to export them at around 9 or 10 hours to be able to bring in the little ones.

There is a good balance of 3 males and 5 females, with a nice mix of colours ranging from the normal brown to the dark chocolate to the red. Most of them are un-named and with the similarities in appearances, I am sort of hoping for a few more suggestions  (if anyone wishes) for names, so that I can tell them apart. Lol.

I have named two of the girls, one of them is called 'Riding' from ArchDragon and is one of the red females.

Without further ado, I shall introduce the Norns of gen. 3:






Pomme's two girls who are yet to be named:


A baby from Sam and Bellis:


And three handsome boys:


This one has a red colouring:


And this is a son from Bellis:


The start to generation 3 certainly looks wonderfully promising!


  1. Yay! I have a Norn named for me!

    Actually Angelette seems to have a very subtle green tint, particularly when compared to Sam and Bellis' child.

    So many colourful Norns. I really hope my little bunch develop some colour mutations at some point. It adds some nice diversity to them.

    I think you should name Bellis' last son 'Chip'. As in choc-chip, because he's going after the muffin.

  2. Yes, you do and thank you for the lovely and slightly humourous suggestion. I really appreciate your input. :)

    I can't see Angelette's green tint that you speak of but perhaps that is just me. I am currently in the process of acquiring new glasses. Lol. Maybe if I can get a picture of them standing together I'll be able to pick it out more clearly. Having some new colours appear is something I desire.

    I hope you end up getting some colours too, ArchDragon. ^_^ I have colourful Norns thanks to the originals I started with being colour edited in the first place, so I must admit that I really cheated in a way, having coloured Norns right from the start. The red colour I'm not sure about though; maybe that is a mutation or maybe it's just what happens when you mix Night Norns with other kinds of Norns.

    I've spotted a few C1 Norns on Creatures Caves, Helen's Bibble Directory and The Creatures Repository with colourful tints to them such as red, green, purple or yellow, though I think there's also a breed of Norn called the Cardinal Norns, which are red and green.

    Ah, cute, I like that name as well. Okay, Chip it is! Let's hope he turns out to be as sweet as what he's named after, ahaha! X3

    1. Hehe, I could very easily be wrong on the colour tint. But I'm pretty sure Angelette and Lily (assuming you call her that :P) have different colours. Maybe Lily has a yellow tint!?

      Of course, if any of these breeds had the original sprites coloured, rather than being tinted via the genetics it'll be really hard to find. Man, that would make for an amazing mix of colouration :S

  3. Great to see your Norns doing well! I'm especially excited about the children from Bellis, since they're directly related to those I write about at Discover Albia. Distant relatives, I suppose, but related nonetheless! Perhaps the daughter of Sam and Bellis could be named Lily? I also see a bunch of sprite issues... But that's an entirely different project! I, too, really enjoy the different colors. Very unique and colorful!

  4. Oh wow, I have been reading through your Blog, Discover Albia, but I haven't got to the part where Bellis comes in yet. I didn't know she was from that family. She did very well in my world and reached the elder life stage before being exported. She's one of the best at eating and playing and she rests fairly often too. I was glad to have so many children from her! :D

    I named her and Sam's daughter Lily as you requested. She's had a few eggs and is dong fab! The other Norn that does really well is Meriadoc. And yes, she's a female. I also have a female named Lancelot, mind you that was an accident. XD

    Sprite issues? I see little things here and there too, especially when they're facing forwards and in the males' hair.

  5. Actually, Bellis was never in the world, but she's descended from a few who were in the main line! Glein and Husby were her parents. She's also a half-sister to Angharad and Coll! They're in my current generation, and Angharad is probably one of my favorite Norns. Seems like doing well is a family trait!

    I'm looking forward to fixing up the sprites! They're minor changes that won't make the game amazingly better, but as a perfectionist, I love fixing these things. I'm expecting to have these released this autumn, and possibly for the CCSF (or before). At least the Norns aren't as bad off as the original Grendels!